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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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A message to all newcomers


If you are new to this blog, chances are that you are new to the game Unlight: SchizoChronicle (from Steam), and is curious about the stories behind the characters. Well, you’re at the right place! The posts in this blog are a brief translation of the stories taken from the prelude game – Unlight – and the contents are essentially the same as the stories in ULSC.

In Unlight, each character’s story is divided into 5 parts. as each part was released with a Rare Card. Therefore, they are labeled as R1, R2, etc. The R5 part of the story is always how he or she died. In ULSC, Each part of the stories is labeled as Memory 1, Memory 2, etc., but the content is basically the same as those in their “R” counterparts. The only exception is Aliceteria – her Memory 1 story in ULSC is the R2 one in Unlight, and her Memory 2 story was newly written. Her R1 story is currently not covered in ULSC (Check it out yourself to see why).

Many of the characters in Unlight have not been released in ULSC yet, but they may still hold an important place in the storytelling, so you may check them out as well.

So that it! I hope you will be enjoying both the game itself and the character stories. As far as I know, there will be a huge update for the game SOOOOON, so stay tuned!

See also: Wikia for ULSC game info

On the Closing of the Game (Website version)



So long, and thanks for all the fish… *Sigh*

According to the official Twitter, the website version of Unlight will be closed soon (Well, I am not even surprised). The following are the main points of the official announcement, translated into English. Please read the followings carefully:

24th August, 2017 (THU) – Termination of selling Cash Shop items

7th September, 2017 (THU) – Closing of the game server

6th September, 2017 (WED) – Termination of selling Cash Shop items and weekly maintenance

18th October, 2017 (WED) – Closing of the game server

15th November, 2017 (WED) – Termination of game-related E-mail support

      • No refund request will be accepted on the purchased Cash Shop Item.
      • Important:

The official is still seeking all the possibilities to reopen the game. If you would like to retain your game progress when this ever happens (no promise, and I guess the chance is very slim), you need to login to your game account(s) before the closing of the server, and mark down the name of your Avatar and the name of your first Deck (which can be edited if you click on it). You may also screenshot all your cards and items, for reasons.

      • Thank you so much for all your support in these 7 years.


To be fair, Unlight is a Flash game, and the use of Flash will be terminated by 2020, so the game would be ended by then anyway.

I shall finish all the remaining stories – Somehow I feel I’m designated to do this.