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Belinda R1: Year 3394 – The First Battle


The political leaders of Granddillenia Kingdom were having a conference on the war versus United Kingdom of Lubiona. So far, the war had lasted for 2 years, but Granddillenia still had not seized Lubiona’s Treide the Everlasting Fortress. The War Dove party, led by Captain Canton, were more dominating at the beginning of the conference, claiming that the Kingdom should seek all possibilities on an armistice. However, the tide of the meeting changed as General Sidor announced that he was having a functioning flying battleship, which would be powerful enough to take down the Everlasting Fortress.

After the end of the conference, General Sidor had a small talk with General Belinda, who had been waiting for him outside the conference room. She was playing with her long hair with her finger, acting as if she was just a girl waiting for her boyfriend. General Sidor granted that she could take the lead in the coming battle, and this made Belinda very excited.


After one week, Belinda led her team to a small battle against Lubiona. That was her first ever battle. With the supreme power of the flying battleship, Belinda’s side won in no time.

In the lour cheerings of the Granddillenia soldiers, no one heard the manic laughter from Belinda: “Ahhh…! I’m now surrounded by the nasty smells of death and victory! Give me more! Give me more death!”


As Belinda won the battle, the public opinion became more favorable to the War Hawk side.

General Sidor decided that their next target would be that annoying Treide the Everlasting Fortress.