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Grunwald R1: Year 3392 – The Solitary Shadow


The current King of Lonsbrough Kingdom was very ill, so the young Prince Grunwald, who had been exiled years ago, went back to his home country and took his father’s place.

Grunwald had been obsessed with death fantasies since his very young age – he had been burying animal corpses in the soil, decorating his room with their bones, and even asking for the dead bodies of the executed criminals.

When Grunwald was 14, tens of human corpses were found in the castle’s basement, and he was accused of killing them. The King then decided to exile him [to the Regiment].


As Grunwald returned, numerous mysterious murders were found around the Kingdom, and all the fellow ministers condemned the Prince for committing them. Grunwald didn’t explain himself, and his ministers were all disappointed into him.

Grunwald decided to find out the true murderer himself, and he succeeded within days. He beheaded the serial murderer and brought his head to the royal consultor, Loeffen.


Grunwald R2: Year 3392 – The Place to Die


Loeffen connected the head of the murderer to a machine, which he claimed to be able to extract memory from the dead.* They found out that the murderer was paid to kill random passers-by. Grunwald also noticed that the serial killer had a similar physique to himself, and he had been wearing his royal clothing. Grunwald concluded that the serial killer was a plot by one of the royal ministers trying to dethrone him.

On the second day, Grunwald brought the head of the murderer to the royal meeting, claiming that he had solved the case. His fellow understood that this was a warning to them and they were all frightened.


A few days later, a messenger from Lubiona was sent to the Lonsbrough Kingdom, asking for military support against the invasion of Granddillenia Kingdom. Since Lubiona had been a long-time ally of Lonsbrough Kingdom, Grunwald agreed to send out help, and he would be fighting in the front line himself.


Grunwald R2: Year 3393 – Battlefield and Blood


The ministers were still trying to dethrone Grunwald. They controlled the rations and battle supplies sent to the Lonsbrough soldiers to the minimum level, trying to let them lose and blame everything on the Prince.

Despite their malicious plan, the Lonsbrough side still declared victory against the Granddillenia Kingdom, thanks to Grunwald’s obsession to massacring.





Note: This part is consistent with Tyrrell’s R3 story, which mentioned the codex to extract memories and emotion from the dead. This somehow amazed me, considering Grunwald’s R2 story was published 5 years before Tyrrell’s R3.