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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Florence R2: Year 3385 – Nobility


Florence was born on the Southern Coast of the United Kingdom of Lubiona. She belonged to the Maya, an ethnic minority group with distinctive black hairs and dark skin.

After giving birth to Florence, her mother died right away due to illness. Her father, a bodyguard of the Noble Bruford, was killed while accompanying Noble Bruford on a mission. Therefore, the Bruford family adopted Florence to be their step-daughter, so as to show gratitude to her father’s sacrifice.

The other Bruford family members warmly welcomed Florence, and so did the servants working for the Bruford family. However, the deep-rooted discrimination towards the Maya among the noble class could not be eliminated easily.


After a few years, Florence’s stepfather decided it was high time to introduce her to the other noble families in a party. Florence immediately became the center of attraction between the young girls because of her rare hairs and skin colour. The girls surrounded Florence and kept asking her questions.

As they were chatting, Florence noticed a piece of displaced accessory on one of the noble girls, so she attempted to fix it – and the girl reflexively smacked her outreached hand. The situation became extremely awkward. The other girls made up some excuses and walked away, leaving Florence alone in the hall.

Florence later noted that the displaced accessory was fixed by another noble girl, so it was quite clear that she, as a member of the ethnic minority, was not liked. She left the hall by herself in the middle of the party and hid behind her favorite tree in the garden, which was her comfort zone.

“So it turns out that I can’t be a noble no matter how hard I try…” She muttered to herself.

“Sure! If you can’t pull yourself together, we will never acknowledge you,” A noble girl appeared behind her. “We’ll all look down upon you and your father if you run away like this.”

The blonde girl behind her was Ada Lachlan. “You’re already a member of the Bruford family, and whatever you do can be a dishonor to your family,”

“But there’s nothing I can do when everyone is…”

“That’s understandable. It’s a rare occurrence to us that a Maya enters the Nobel Class,” Ada advised boldly. “You get to stay strong. Keep your confidence and self-esteem, and you can bring honor to your family despite you are not blood-related to the Bruford.”

Florence took a moment to let that sink in.

Moments later the servants came to search for the missing girls. “I need to go back. I won’t cry and run away anymore. I won’t disappoint my father.” Florence told the kind-hearted girl who gave her the timely advice.

“Keep it up, I look forward to seeing you again.” Ada bid her farewell.


Seven years after the party, Florence and Ada met again in the Palace. They were both elected to be members of Team Aurore – the elite royal combat team directly under the Queen of Lubiona.

It was indeed a great honor for Florence – she represented the hope of all the ethnic minorities.