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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Tyrrell R1: Year 3392 – Oddities


Since the elimination of all Vortexs and the disbandment of Regiment, Tyrrell had been assigned to this research institute.

All the scientists working there were deemed to be too outstanding and not fitting in Pandemonium’s propaganda, and were thus “expelled” to these special research centers to isolate them from the other more obsequious engineers.

Despite all these, the main reason for him to switch to a new workplace was due to the death for C.C.. She was Tyrrell’s classmate and had been extremely talented, and Tyrrell had been treated her as his secret nemesis. Now that C.C. had died, Tyrell had lost all his aspiration to work on.


Pandemonium was sending more engineers across the Ground so as to “bring peace to the lands”, and Tyrell was assigned to be an instructor of a weapon factory, which was located in Lubiona.

One day, the head of the factory handed him an old memory disk, which was accidentally found by the staff when they were digging the ground for construction work. As Tyrrell decoded the content in the disk, he discovered that it was a valuable ancient document – a codex from the Golden Age on the science of resurrecting the dead. Tyrell was completely thrilled by his finding – this had been one of his research topics when he was a student back then.

He reported his finding to the head of the factory, who was not interested at all since it had no use in weaponry. Therefore, the head just passed the codex to Tyrrell and let him do whatever he wanted. Since then, Tyrrell had been spending more time on researching the codex – his motivation was once again boosted.

Soon after that, Tyrrell was given another mission, which was to create the operation system of Belinda, the automata designed to run Granddillenia Kingdom’s gigantic flying battleship. Belinda’s body and artificial intelligence program were made by someone else*, and it was Tyrrell’s task to assemble the programs together so that Belinda could be put in practical use.


“Belinda, open your eyes,” Tyrrell ordered, as he was testing the automata in the lab. “How do you feel?”

“All is well,” Belinda answered, opened her eyes as told.

“Get up then and we will do further tests. Please record the results, Linnaeus.” Tyrrell asked his boss.

“There better be some on-site adjustments,” Linnaeus suggested as he made the records. “But everything seems to be running smoothly. Can she pass the emergency drill 5 days later?”

“Sure. The program is completed. I just need to test it out.”

“Then I’m gonna report this to the Director,” Linnaeus said.


After reporting to the Director of the research center, Tyrrell went beck to his office with Belinda. He switched Belinda on again.

“Wake up, Belinda. Begin test #556,” He announced, with a dead, rotting mouse in his hand.

“Corpse confirmed. Spraying resurrection drug.” Belinda said as her fingertip shot out a dose of gas towards the body of the mouse. The body regained its shape, but the mouse didn’t come back to life.

Tyrrell had been investigating the possibility of resurrecting the dead after obtaining the codex. He had built a device as documented in the codex and installed it on Belinda secretly. However, it seemed that his experiment didn’t turn out right.

“Maybe I should ask Loeffen for his advice,” Tyrrell turned off Belinda and muttered to himself.


*: This clearly is foreshadowing something, but we shell come back to this later.

Tyrrell R2: Year 3392 – Flying Battleship


Tyrrell gave a call to his former boss and asked if he knew any way to contact Loeffen. His former boss didn’t know either, but he suggested him to visit a certain library for Loeffen’s research theses. He also warned Tyrrell no to talk with him about Loeffen again.

His reaction was not to Tyrrell’s surprise – it had been a taboo talking about Loeffen since his escape from Pandemonium. “Maybe it would have been easier to contact him if C.C. were still alive…” He thought to himself, but he immediately realized this was a silly idea.

Tyrrell visited the library as suggested, but he didn’t find anything useful about his project.


Belinda’s program was nearly completed as Tyrrell searching for Loeffen. He removed the incompleted resurrection device and put more effort into adjusting her emotional functions. At the same time, his director told him to prepare her for an on-site test – Belinda would be tested on the flying battleship for real.

So, Tyrrell and Belinda visited the battleship port at Rosenburg. They were accompanied by Song, a member in Redgrave’s Council, who was responsible for the project.

The flying battleship was indeed gigantic. It contained a variety of weapons, which would take a large number of operators to control them. However, such number could be minimized with the present of Belinda’s A.I. system.

Tyrrell activated Belinda and made her standby on the Central Deck. The battleship was controlled with a stick designed especially for her, as various data were collected and sent directly to her via the control stick. As the team started the test, the huge amount of data overflowed Belinda’s system in just a few minutes.

Tyrrell reported the situation to the Head Designer of the battleship, Iosifu, and promised to rewrite Belinda’s data processing algorithm.


The team headed back to Pandemonium. Song suggested that they could seek advice from the original creator of Belinda. “Have you heard of Max? He was one of those automata created by that genius!” He added.

Tyrrell knew this name. It was mentioned in one of Loeffen’s papers.

“So you also know about Loeffen?” Tyrrell tried to act naturally.

“We’ve lost his contact for a while. However, if this is about Belinda… we could try to find him out,”

“Thank you very much,” Tyrrell bowed deeply. He could do anything to shape Belinda into a masterpiece.


Tyrrell R3: Year 3392 – Artificial Intelligence


Tyrrell was reporting his progress to Linnaeus and the Director of the research center. He believed that Belinda’s A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) program must be rewritten so as to compact the new data processing algorithm. However, Belinda’s A.I. was too delicate for him – Tyrrell was an expert on weaponry, not automata. He could not handle such a refined, highly-emotional A.I. program.

Thus, he requested the authority to contact the original creator of Belinda, so that her A.I. program could be renewed. The boss agreed, but at the same time, he asked Tyrrell to write a new self-defense program for Belinda so that she could handle melee combats.


Song called in and told Tyrrell that the Council had found Loeffen hiding in the Lonsbrough Kingdom. He also hinted that the Inquisitors would have Loeffen rooted out in five days. Finally, Tyrrell was given the last chance to contact his former teacher.

Tyrrell seized the chance and talked to Loeffen about the problems he faced. Loeffen was indeed an experienced scientist, who gave Tyrrell light to solve all his difficulties. At the end of the call, Tyrrell asked if he could get the codex used to create Max.

Loeffen was surprised and asked why he would need the content of the codex, and Tyrrell gave him a simple answer that it was all for Redgrave’s sovereignty. Loeffen paused for a moment and finally agreed to give him the codex.


After 2 months of waiting, Song finally got all the paperwork done and passed the codex to Tyrrell. In exchange, he ordered Tyrrell to report all his findings on this codex after he decoding it. Tyrrell agreed to the deal.

Tyrrell started to work on the codex from Loeffen, and it was about how to extract emotion and memory from a dead person. Based on the emotion and memory, one could build an A.I. with pseudo-personality. Combined with the information from the first codex, one could rebuild a man out of the physical body, emotion, and memory of a dead.

Very fascinating, but this was different from “resurrecting the dead”. This was not what Tyrrell expected, but he could only accept it. Hence, he reported his findings and conclusion to the Council.


After a few more weeks, the Director of the research center gave him a call and told him they were not going to amend Belinda’s A.I. program – they were going to use a new one instead. The reason was that they could not contact the original creator of Belinda. Fortunately, they had a copy of a more advanced A.I., which was made by the same creator. To adjust the new A.I. for military use, a new pseudo-personality must be installed – and Tyrrell realized that this was what he needed from the codices.

Tyrrell hung up the phone and shivered in excitement – all his previous works were proven to be meaningful and not a waste of time!