This is a synopsis of another major plot line – The Battle of Lubiona.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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After conquering the largest Vortex (The Eye), the people on the Ground was freed from the threat of Vortexs. The major powers were seeking the chance to claim the lands once inaccessible due to Vortexs, and expand their territories as soon as possible.

The major powers, namely, were Granddillenia Kingdom and The United Kingdom of Lubiona. The former one declared war on the latter, and the two nations fought for years. Granddillenia Kingdom was supported with the advanced weaponry from Pandemonium the floating city, while The United Kingdom of Lubiona allied with other smaller neighboring countries to fight back. The war was long-lasting and many characters in the game were involved, until a catastrophic event happened which finally ended the war.

In the following, I’ll introduce the characters involved in this plot. More details will be covered in the upcoming posts.

Granddillenia Kingdom

The leading politicians in Kingdom were divided into War Hawk and War Dove. The former section was more dominating, resulting in the break-out of the war.

  • MarseusThe Undead King of Granddillenia. He didn’t actively participate in the political affairs, but he seemed to be aware of the drama between the two political parties.
  • Belinda – Granddillenia’s ultimate weapon, who was created by Tyrrell. Very powerful and deadly (in many senses), but turned out to be a double-edged sword.
  • Evarist – A general in the Hawk party. Didn’t really get involved in the war.
  • Izac – Evarist’s sidekick.
  • AlicetariaA clone of the original queen. Fell in love with Evarist. Not sure if she really got involved in the war.

United Kingdom of Lubiona

Lubiona was formed by many countries, which were governed by different large families.

  • Alexandriana – The current leader of Lubiona. The kind-hearted queen is only 12 years old and appeared to have no special power. She wanted to end the war and bring peace to her people.
  • Ada – Alexandriana’s personal bodyguard and best friend. Also the Captain of Team Aurore, the Royal Army. A.k.a. “The Blue Frog” among the players due to her giant robot.
  • Florence – Ada’s subordinate. Vice Captain of Team Aurore. As a member of the ethnic minority, she later left the Team and served Luka, thinking this would help the Country better. A.k.a. “The Green Frog” among the players due to her giant robot.
  • Luka – The major political leader from the Mertval family. He was trying his best to unite families across the Kingdom to resist the invasion from the Granddillenia Kingdom.
  • Asura – Luka’s servant who worked as his spy. Betrayed Luka later on. Killed many people.
  • Palmo – A girl from the Collgar, a state of Lubiona. Just an ordinary teenage girl except the fact that she could communicate with Sylph. Forced to work under Asura and thus got involved in the war.
  • Sylph – The “Sacred Beast” following Palmo. He was once a cub when Stacia brought him here from other parallel world many years ago. Had the power to control nature.


  • Sprout – A little boy (or girl?) traveled across parallel worlds looking for Ayn. He needed the orb to save his home. As he followed Palmo, he discovered the secret Asura had been hiding.
  • Tyrrell – An engineer from Pandemonium who created Belinda. Very ambitious and was trying to prove his ability over his talented classmate, C.C..
  • Linnaeus – Tyrrell’s colleague. May or may not got involved in the war.
  • Nadine – Linnaeus’s “pet”. May or may not got involved in the war.
  • RedgraveThe great Leader of Pandemonium.
  • SalgadoRedgrave’s servant.
  • Juhani – Another Redgrave’s servant. May or may not got involved in the war.
  • Blaise – Another Redgrave’s servant. Forced to work under her in the hope that Pandemonium could save his ill little sister. However, Pandemonium “saved” his sister in a way he never expected.
  • Grunwald – The Prince of Lonsbrough Kingdom, which allied with Lubiona in the war. He fought with Belinda in person.
  • Loeffen – An engineer escaped from Pandemonium. Tyrrell’s teacher and gave him insight on Belinda’s program. Somehow “saved” Grunwald from dying.
  • Wilhelm – A soldier of Lonsbrough Kingdom who saved the dying Grunwald. May or may not got involved in the war.
  • Melen – Not really involved in the war, but somehow accidentally got killed by Luka.
  • Noichrome – Randomly showed up in various parallel worlds and directed their flows.
  • Mary – The one who witnessed the end of the war.