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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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C.C. R5: Year 3389 – Prison

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The sound of guns and screams echoed around the battlefield, and many warriors were wounded and dying.

“Come, Ayn! The synchronization process is starting!”

C.C. grabbed Ayn and put her inside the synchronization machine. “I know you’re heartbroken, but you must go! Bye-bye, I hope you’ll find happiness in the other world.” She closed the cover of the machine as she said.

After getting this done, C.C. continued her work. She took out a device she made and connected it to the Core Reclaiming Machine. The said device was made according to Stacia’s instruction – all the codes were copied from the files she sent, and some of the Stacia’s functions were included inside. C.C. didn’t understand what the device could do, but she was told that this could save her world from the destruction from the Vortexs.

“What I’m looking for is not the Core itself. Instead, I’m looking for the world of infinite possibilities,” C.C. recalled what Stacia told her a while ago. “Among all the parallel worlds, there is a unique one which each and every wish could come true. The Core of the Vortex is just a landmark to direct me to such a world, which will not be consumed in the process. You can do whatever you want with it after that.”

A world which everything is possible? This was beyond C.C.’s imagination so she thought Stacia was using a metaphor. This would totally violate the science principles she had learnt so far.


The synchronization started, and the two Cores began to solidify in the machine. C.C. fixated the monitor of the machine, hoping that her device would not Interfere with the unknown device which Rosso installed.

The process was about to complete. However, the giant dragon – which supposed to be defeated already – stood up again. It’s evil mouth opened widely, directed at everyone remaining.

“NO!” C.C. cried, reflexively hid the machine under her body. In the next moment, the Core in the machine emitted a bright light, which dominated her vision.


C.C. found herself inside a mysterious space. No dragons, no warriors, no machine, no others. All she could saw was different colours mixing and crushing.

“Hahahahahahaha, great! I finally get rid of that person!” A high-pitched laughter echoed in the space. C.C. turned around and found that it was a young girl.

With a little hint, C.C. discovered that she was indeed Stacia. Stacia smiled back at her, but there was no joy in her eyes. Instead, she was judging C.C. carefully.

“What is this place?” C.C. questioned. “Let me go back! I gotta catch the battleship heading back to the Regiment’s base!”

“What’s with that attitude? It took me great effort to bring you here!” Stacia pouted like a real girl at her age, despite being an A.I. program. However, C.C. could not sense any emotion from her.

“Anyway, if you really want to get back so badly, I can do this for you,” Statcia gave her a contemptuous look. “I can send you back no matter how many time you ask me.”

See you then. Let’s play together want we meet next time!” Stacia said, and C.C. was enveloped in darkness once again.


“C.C., how much time do you need?!” Friedrich shouted to the radio.

Soon! Just 7 more minutes!

C.C. was stunned, standing in front of the Core. Right in front of her was the view of Friedrich and his teammates fighting the dragon. She couldn’t comprehend what she saw – everything was just like a movie to her.

The dragons were roaring, crushing everyone in Friedrich’s team.

How many time had she seen this?

How many time had this repeated?

She should be sending Ayn to her home together with the Core, and then send Stacia to the world which all the Vortexs had been eliminated – That was what she intended to do. However, when C.C. pulled herself together, she noticed that the synchronization process didn’t start, and Ayn was nowhere to be seen.

Where did she go? C.C. pondered, but she did not have the will to look for her. “This is just a waste of time,” She thought to herself. Maybe it was just like what Stacia had told her, all these was simply meaningless and would archive nothing.

The Core Reclaiming Machine started working – the synchronization just started. “Where could the Core be if it’s not going to Ayn’s parallel world?’ C.C. thought.

She was exhausted. All her responsibilities had been fulfilled. She just wanted to go back to the Regiment’s base, fly back to Pandemonium and continue his father’s research.

The dragon behind C.C. breathed out a cloud of fire towards her. In desperation, C.C. reached out her arm and touched the Core in the machine. Stacia told her the Core could take her to the world of infinite possibilities – if that was true, she could go back to Pandemonium, her home.

C.C. was enclosed with the scorching red, and the red turned into black. Everything was twisting in her vision.


C.C.’s sight was once again filled with varying colours. She heard a joyful laughter.

“Ufufufufufufufufufufufu! Welcome back, C.C.! Come, play with us!”




TL;DR version: The event inside the Vortex repeated itself over and over, Ayn, C.C. Friedrich and Bernhard were hopelessly trapped inside. On the other hand, Rosso and Milian escaped from the loop with the power of the Core they claimed.