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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Marguerite R5: Year 3378 – Phantom Beast


Marguerite pretended to be Melchior’s messenger and asked Lahm (a significant figure in the secret research of Chaosium) for help. She tricked her comrades, including Rosso and Lahm, into thinking that finding the Supernaut was for the science of Chaosium. She lied to them that all their deeds were directed by Melchior, but, in fact, she was the one behind them.

However, her plan did not turn out well – she didn’t get the power she needed from the Supernaut, and her comrades, Rosso and Milian, were killed.

She decided to start over all again.


Just before Marguerite tried to turn back time, a bright white light appeared and a girl’s voice spoke to her: “How dare you released our Master from the Prison, you must be punished!”

Marguerite quickly realized who she was. Shortly after that, she had been teleported to Pandemonium, where she saw a teenager killing citizens with the power of a Phantom Beast. That teenager – her son – escaped to the airport apron in the floating city and jumped off to the sky.

“This is the ending you sought for,” that girl’s voice said.

“No! This is a fate I could change! I can do it!” Marguerite exclaimed in horror.

She went back in the past using the power of Chaosium, trying to do something about that. That white light didn’t stop her.


Marguerite went to a library, where she could find a boy reading there. He looked shocked when he saw her.

The Phantom Beast was not there. If she could alter the past at that moment, the Phantom Beast would never find her son and she could have changed his fate – Marguerite thought to herself. She let a part of her monster body split up and let it follow her son as his “assistant”.

Her split part followed the boy day by day and talked to him. As time went on, Marguerite finally realized this was exactly the Phantom Beast which made her son gone mad.

That white light appeared again and told her, “That’s it. This is your Causality. You cannot save that child no matter what you do.”

“So it……it’s all because of me…..”

“This is the end, you sinner.” And this is the last thing Marguerite could hear.


Note: From R1 Alicetaria‘s story, now we know that Marguerite was “killed” by Noichrome at the end, because she was trying to alter her fate with the power of Chaosium, and such act was not approved by Noichrome.

We also see that both Stacia and Noichrome address Melchior as their “master”. Note also the fact that both Stacia and Noichrome have the same base HP / ATK / DEF for all of their cards, which is clearly suggesting something.