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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Jead R5: Year 3395 – Voice


Jead woke up from his bed because of hunger. The room was dim and it seemed to be at midnight. Seemed that his mother was sleeping.

He looked at the water bucket – which was empty. He needed to fetch the water, otherwise he would be killed.

Jead looked at her mother again – only to found her dead, dried-up body.


Jead killed the gang surrounded him, and stacked up their corpses for fun. However, his anger didn’t fade away.

When he tried to kill the last one standing, he found that it was himself.


The royal army and the rebellion force was fighting. Jead helped the rebellion force to their victory because his father was there. In this world, Jead could talk to his father and manipulate the battle result as his father instructed.

However, his father turned away from him. He said he had no rights to live with Jead as he killed Jead’s mother.

“I couldn’t meet you in this world like this if I don’t take the drug. However, this drug is driving me insane,” His father said. This was the only voice Jead could hear in this soundless world.


“Have you remembered everything from the other worlds?” Marguerite asked.” You are the Supernaut we created – the consciousness connected to power beyond imagination!”

“Supernaut?” Jead could not get it.

“However how large a ship is, its direction is always directed by a single person – and you are that person. Only you could see into the future and decide what could happen next.” Marguerite explained. She could maintain a solid form in such a hazy world.

“I don’t want to try anymore,” Jead downed his head and crouched.

“Yup, you’ve tried your best,” Marguerite kneed down on the ground and approached the boy. “No matter how you change the future, people’s minds remain the same – even if you revive, you would be killed again; even if you helped your dad, he would kill himself again.”

“I thought I directed it in a better way,”

“People’s minds are not stable. If you rewrite the reality, their minds would change as well,”

“Right, so I’m not going to do anything again,”

“Fine then, what are you going to do?” Marguerite questioned.

“I want to die. You can kill me, I’ve died many times already anyway,”

“I have no expectation in you,” Marguerite hugged Jead. “However, if you don’t want your power anymore, you can give it to me – you can just kill your heart.” Marguerite was speaking softly and gently, yet her words were harsh and cruel.

Jead was about to give up everything, but he recalled the ones died for him – Abel, and his friends in the slum.

Jead pushed the woman away. “Now I change my mind – I won’t give you my power. You’re indeed unforgivable.”


The two stood in the slum. Jead’s body emitted a strong bright light and it slowly faded away. Next to them was the dead bodies of their allies.

“Fine, let’s settle this right here,” Marguerite smiled.

Jead rushed toward Marguerite – her Drone – and the Drone slipped out from his grab. Right in front of him was the wide-opened mouth of a black monster, with was trying to bite him.

Jead imagined the future in which he escaped from the monster and successfully grabbed her Drone.

In the very next moment, the black monster disappeared, and Marguerite’s flying Drone was found in Jead’s hand. Just as what he wished.

The Drone emitted a laser beam which shot through the boy’s chest. However, Jead vanished from that spot and reappeared behind Marguerite. The black monster tried to crush him, but its attacks were all in vain.

Jead loomed next to the Drone and chopped it with his dagger. The Drone fell off from the mid-air and inducing a signal noise in Marguerite’s projection.

“Gre…at….. But… th..is… not… end….” Marguerite summoned multiple monsters to surround Jead.

“That’s useless,” Jead said. He stepped on the Drone and completely crushed it. Marguerite’s image vanished completely together with all the monsters she summoned.

“What?” Jead was shocked by the only remaining monster hiding beneath him. The beast opened his mouth and engulfed the boy completely.


Jead was dissolving in the monster’s stomach. His skin was burning everywhere in pain. However, he didn’t leap.

He had been killed by Marguerite many times. For each time, he would choose an alternate world and revive to fight on.

What was he trying to do?

Was that he was trying to stay alive? Or to kill that woman?

Or to revive his dead friends?

Maybe it would be better if he was never born?

Where should he go? When should he go?

Jead was fed up with exhaustion and powerlessness. “This would be my end no matter what I do… there’s no use whatever I do.” He thought. If he gave up on everything, everything would come to an end.

The boy closed his eyes and decided to wait for his death to come.


Jead heard a voice in the dark.

“I want to go back,” It was a girl’s voice.

“Who’s there?”

“Please, I beg you,”

“I don’t want to go back. All I want is peace. I don’t want to see anyone anymore.”

“You can create a new world then,”

“I can’t do that,”

“I will do that, you can help me.”

“Am I really needed?”


Jead looked at the direction where the voice came from. There was light  – streams of lights. All Jead could see was white. He didn’t say anything, but he did hear a voice.


Wake up. Wake up.


Jead was standing on a gray floor when he woke up again.

There was nothing; there was something.

There was only Jead.


Jead looked around, trying to figure out where he was.

That was a world in black and white. A world he had never visited.

Jead looked around and found a stone mansion. As soon as the mansion came into his sight, the front door opened on its own – as if Jead was welcomed.

“Someone… is calling me.”





Jead’s R5 story is of fundamental importance to the setting of the whole game.

We have learnt, from the very beginning of the game tutorial, that the dead warriors gathered in the Astral World so as to take back their memories and reborn. Now we know that this Astral World was created together by the Goddess of Fire and Jead.

We can also see that Jead is one of the few characters who was not dead before they went to the Astral World.