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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Archibald R5: Year 3395 – Confrontation


Archibald betrayed Leon so that he could get the goods from the caravan they robbed, which was the drug supplied by the Engineers to Ballantyne. This would be the bargaining chip he needed in order to negotiate with Ballantyne in person.

To Archibald’s surprise, the leader of Imperrodia did agree to have a private talk with him. They met up, with just two of them, in a small room of an old inn.

Ballantyne was seen to be old and exhausted. He had lost all his hair and was thin like a phantom. “I don’t need that drug anymore… I just want to see you,” The old man told Archibald, “What did those Engineers tell you?”

“They said Jead was still alive and you hid him away.” Archibald reproduced what Lahm told him.

“The fact is, those Engineers will kill my son if I tell you where he is,” Ballantyne said. “I don’t care if you believe that or not, but if you are seeking for the truth, you should try to figure out why the Engineers instructed you to negotiate with me with such an indirect way.”

“Look at me,” Ballantyne continued, “I’ve lost all my power, and my family was gone because of my false.”

“That’s too late! There is no use to be sorry now,”

“My son is innocence,” Ballantyne begged, “Please save him from the Engineers and guide him! He is now at the Meriguadian slum.”

As he finished his words, Ballantyne pulled out a gun and shot himself from the head.


Archibald was facing Milian. “Now that Rosso and that woman are dead, I could use some spare time to let you explain,”

“Can’t you step away, Archibald? I have made it so far at the expense of betraying the Regiment…” Milian said bitterly.

“You own us an explanation – what do you need from Jead? What do those Engineers want?” Archibald asked, looking at Abel’s dead body.

“Some of those Engineers believe that it’s possible to control reality with the true power of Chaosium,” Milian said, “Only Jead – the Supernaut – possesses the ability to alter reality from numerous possible worlds.”

“That’s nonsense, how could you believe such things?”


“Say no more, Milian,” Marguerite’s image reappeared, “You two consoling each other is really pathetic,” Her image was sparkling, yet she was there standing.

“You aren’t even a human, how could you understand?” Archibald objected.

“I need not to understand,” Marguerite started to summon her black monster. “Milian, don’t let him run away!”

Archibald noticed the lying Jead moved a bit. He tried to keep a safe distance between Milian and Marguerite, while wishing Jead in his watch.

Milian leaped forward with his axe and it hit Archibald. He was so fast that there was no way for Archibald to evade. Archibald quickly threw a grenade and hid behind Milian’s massive body as it explored. They both hurt the other somehow.

“I’m made it so far… I won’t be stopped here!” Milian cried as he threw his axe toward Archibald. Archibald turned around to evade, only to find Milian was already standing in front of him. Archibald drew out a knife and tried to slash him, but it turned out to be an illusion Marguerite produced.

Archibald was a little shocked and Milian took the chance to grab him from behind.

“You two indeed are good partners,” Marguerite came forth with her floating Drone and said, “but I can finally get rid of you.” Her Drone emitted a laser which shot through both Archibald and Milian.

“So it ends… is this what you wanted, Milian?” Archibald asked.

“We… haven’t come to the end…” Milian cried as he fell down.

“You deserve this… Long live doesn’t imply happiness, but dying together with your good friend certainly is.” Archibald said as he fell finally.

A weird smile appeared on Marguerite’s face. “Now, it’s time to deal with that kid’s power…”

Before Archibald lost his consciousness, all he could see was a sudden bright light and the surprised woman.



Milian R5: Year 3387 – Family


Note: I’m going to skip this one because Milian’s R5 story is simply a summary of the previous events with no additional information – his R5 card was released 3 years later then Abel, Jead, Archibald, Rosso and Marguerite’s R5, because he is a relatively new character in the game.

The story just emphasizes the fact that Milian wanted to use the power of Chaosium to live a happy life with his wife and daughter again.

The official marked this story as Year 3387, but Milian was killed together with Archibald in Year 3395, as you can see above.

In addition, R5 Milian does not have a card picture because of this, so there’s no picture here to see (for now).