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ヽ(∀゚)人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚)人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Abel R5 – Year 3395: Sky


Rosso was confronting Abel. He closed his eyes and didn’t move a bit after taking the drug. Abel opted to take the initiative.

“I’ll slash you in halves together with whatever you’re plotting!” He shouted, and charged with his board sword with unmatched speed and strength.

Rosso opened his eyes and stopped the charging sword with his bare hand. That was even faster than Abel’s motion –  not even the Sword Master of Lubiona could follow his quickness.

“You’re slow,” Rosso teased, his bare hand piercing through Abel’s chest. Abel abandoned his sword and withdrew, but his chest was already stained with blood.

Abel was panting a bit. He had never faced anyone – or anything – as swift as Rosso’s attacks. He tried to chase his dropped sword, but Rosso ripped his thigh. Abel fell down, but managed to balance himself again on one leg.

Rosso seemed to be self-assured, walking slowly toward Abel, as if he was able to deprive his life in just one go. Abel, however, noticed something was flying towards them, so he immediately lied down.

A grenade exploded at Rosso’s back and blew him away. Abel promptly took the chance to grab his sword. Someone came to his rescue – it was Archibald.

“Why are you here?”

“The other is coming, no time to explain. Run!”

The one chasing after Archibald was Milian. Although they were both survivors from the fall of the Regiment, it seemed that this would not going to be a happy reunion.


Archibald helped Abel to retreat to an abandoned house so that he could treat his bleeding. “Why are they doing this? Abel asked.

“They want to catch a boy named Jead, who possess mystical power,”

“Is that what Leon trying to warn me when he told me to come here? If he were here, we…”

“He will never be here. They killed him,” Archibald said as he reloaded his guns. “He told me to give this to you.”

Abel took the knife Archibald passed to him. He was not feeling mournful, as all the Regiment members had been trained to prepare the deaths of their friends. Carefully, he hung the knife at his waist.

“Beware of the woman in their group,” Archibald told him. “Look for the ball next to her.”

It seemed that Rosso started to spread toxic gas in the slum again. Abel decided that it was the time to root him out.


No one was on the street except Rosso. He was about to spread his toxic gas again.

He saw Abel coming out from a house. “What, you finally come. You should listen to my ‘Hell’s Bell’ then.” He lied his hands on the chests he had been carrying.

Abel trusted forwards. Rosso believed that he had successfully tricked him to attack. He wast over-confident about his drug and thought he could really beat Abel – but he was wrong. Abel reacted before Rosso even made any move. He sliced off both arms from Rosso.

This was Abel’s true sword mastery – to see through opponents’ intention and react faster than him. “This’s your end,” Abel said.

“End? No, the show is yet to begin!” Despite the loss of both arms, the madness in Rosso’s eyes was not vanishing.

A black hole suddenly appeared right below Abel and pulled him inside.

“Yea. Death is nothing to us.” Marguerite popped up in front of Abel and summoned a black monster, which bit Abel with an unholy power.

Abel attacked the woman with his sword, but the sword just passed through her. “There’s no use. You are dying.” Marguerite told him with a bold voice as the monster started to engulf Abel’s legs.

“So what? That’s enough.” Abel drew out the knife Leon gave him. He tossed it and the knife accurately hit the center of Marguerite’s flying drone, splitting it into two halves. Marguerite’s image and the black monster immediately vanished.

This implied that the lower half of Abel’s body was also gone.

Rosso stopped laughing and he fell down. His eyes were looking at nothing and they did not move again.

“So is this the mission we shall accomplish even if it would take our lives, Leon?” Abel whispered. If Archibald could kill Milian, Jead will be saved. Archibald was immortal. He must be able to do this – Abel thought to himself.

Abel recalled his family and the good old time he had in the Regiment. He stared at the blue sky above him, which looked exactly like the one he had seen in his homeland.

“So it ends… This is surprisingly long…” Abel muttered to himself.

And he closed his eyes.



Rosso R5 – Year 3395: Choice


After getting the Chaosium core located at Red Thorne, Rosso found himself within a weird space – there was no sense of distance and time within the space. Right in front of him was the Core Reclamation Machine, and he saw Milian was walking somewhere afar.

He heard the voice of Melchior, who told him to find out the whereabout of the Supernaut, so that the team could be able to control parallel worlds.*

The Chaosium Core in Rosso’s hand resonated with the empty space, showing Rosso the sceneries of different parallel worlds. Rosso decided to investigate those interested him – the lapse of time had no meaning here. He noticed that Milian and Marguerite were both looking for something too, but he didn’t care about that.

Finally they have found the parallel world they all wanted. The trio gathered and prepared to execute their plan. Rosso held tightly the Core in his hand and a mysterious voice asked,

“What [is the parallel world] do you choose?”

Silently but firmly, Rosso made his wish. He depicted his vision with his mind.

“Your choice has been made,”


Rosso was fighting Abel.

“What, you finally come. You should listen to my ‘Hell’s Bell’ then.” He lied his hands on the chests he had been carrying.

Abel trusted forwards and sliced off Rosso’s right arm. At the same time, the chests next to Rosso cracked open, and the potion inside splashed all over Abel. The potion was fatally poisonous and Abel would be killed in minutes.

Abel tried to give Rosso a final strike but that didn’t work. Rosso slashed his body in half and finished him.


Rosso wrapped up the cut in his arm and tried to search for the others. Soon, he found the dead bodies of Milian and Archibald. Both of them were killed by a laser beam shooting right into their chests. Next to them was the dying Jead and Marguerite’s floating drone, which was completely broken.

Rosso laughed hysterically, but this was not his end. After a deep breath, he walked toward Jead and shot a dose of drug in the boy’s body. The drug was used to manipulate his cranial nerves so as to surpass his free will.

“So what you want is to choose you future freely, too?” asked Jead. He stared at Rosso with mindless eyes.

“What I want is to witness and investigate the world of unknown – that no one has seen and imagined,” Indeed, what Rosso had done was just to fulfill his curiously.

Rosso assembled the machine Lahm handed to Leon – the machine which could create pseudo-Vortex. He wanted to bring Jead to the place where he could view all the possible parallel worlds, so that he could extract Jead’s future-controlling power and put that to his use.

Rosso tried to pull Jead into the pseudo-Vortex so created by his remaining left hand, but his left arm suddenly lost feelings. In a silvery flash, he spotted a sword – projected by Abel, as if it was trying to protect Jead – came flying through the air, and the sword accurately hit and sliced off Rosso’s remaining left arm.

To save the box containing the Chaosium core, Rosso bit the box firmly. At the same time, he fell inside the pseudo-Vortex.


Rosso was thrown to an empty space with boundless darkness. Rosso tried to open the box by making a wish, and the box indeed opened as his will.

“This is not the result I wanted!” Rosso cursed. He wanted to select a more favorable parallel world with the power of Chaosium, just like what he did before.

However, the Core didn’t respond to him as in the past. The core glowed brighter and projected various parallel worlds, none of those could Rosso reach.


“I got you,” A woman appeared above Rosso. Her dressing was completely in black, contrast to the bright white light emitted by the Core.

“What, who’re you?” Rosso snapped.

“Your causality is going to be righted by the power of the holy envoys,” The woman announced.

Another woman in black showed up behind Rosso. “Phenomena collapse! Your causality ends right here,” She said.

“No.. I don’t accept this! Things like this…”

As Rosso lost his consciousness, the last thing he saw was the clear blue sky above him and Abel.



Alicetaria R1 – Heart


Alicetaria was in the Meriguadian slum, chasing after an Engineer named Rosso.

The slum was full of residents killed by Rosso’s toxic gas, but Alicetaria had no time for sympathy – she had used to this kind of things. The most important thing is to root out the persons who distort causality and direct the world in its right flow as soon as possible.

“He was not found in the residential area and the bar, Alice, ” Veronica, who had teamed up with Alicetaria, reported.

The two women decided to split up to facilitate the search. Soon, Alicetaria found out the dead bodies of Milian and Archibald, but they were not the one she was looking for. She, however, noticed some blood stains on the ground.

She followed the blood stains and found the red-haired Engineer she wanted. The man, who had lost his right arm, was trying to do something horrible to a little boy.

Alicetaria focused her mind and stared at Rosso. She saw the parallel world in which Rosso would be killed by Abel by slicing off both of his arms. This was the future meant to be for him.

Alicetaria summoned a silvery chain wrapping around her hand. Using the chain, she tied up the Rosso whose both arms were missing, and pulled that parallel world closer to her.

The parallel worlds started to collapse together, but Rosso tried to escape into his pseudo-Vortex. At a sudden, Alicetaria started to feel sick and fell down. Her head was feeling a fever – then a freezing cold. She took a deep breath and got a lot better.

Veronica had followed Rosso and entered the pseudo-Vortex, and so did Alicetaria.


“I got you,” With the direction of the chain, Alicetaria finally found Rosso.

“What, who’re you?” Rosso snapped.

“Your causality is going to be righted by the power of the holy envoys,” Alicetaria announced. “Phenomena collapse! Your causality ends right here,” Veronica said as she hammered his head.

Instead of blood and marrow, something white and muddy oozed from Rosso’s head, and finally wrapped up his whole body. The liquid thing then condensed into a sphere and it grew like a pearl.


“Alicetaria,” Someone was calling in the dark, “Did you get that?”

“Yes, I did, Master Noichrome.” Alicetaria answered and handed Noichrome the pearl-like sphere from Rosso. The sphere was then absorbed into the cane Noichrome holding.

“So what’s that, Master Noichrome?” Alicetaria asked. “If I know more about this, it world be easier for us to collect them,”As Alicetaria asked, she understood more about her personality –  she was willing to learn – and realized that this was a curse from the Immortal Emperor. Such realization made her sick and mentally exhausted.

“This is the crystallized energy from eliminating distorted causality,” Noichrome started to explain. “Just one of these orbs contains energy high enough to destroy the world, but that’s not sufficient to completely clear off all the distortions.”

“You, Alicetaria, is a distortion yourself,” Noichrome continued, “So you are particularly good at righting a distortion.”

“Is my existence erroneous, Master Noichrome?”

“The answer is yes, and at the same time, no. You are born to direct the world to its correct flow,” Noichrome answered. “Tell me, Alicetaria, what do you want?’

“I want to acquire the rigorous history, and stop all the chaos!” Alicetaria answered loudly.

“Good, you are in line with me,” Noichrome approved, “Come, go correct the next distortion!”


Alicetaria woke up again as she found someone calling her – with a voice which she could hardly tell if that was a male or a female. She knew that voice.

“Your majesty?”

“Look at me, Alicetaria.”

“You are the one I look only at, your majesty,” Alicetaria said with a minimum level of emotions. She knew this would please him.

Marseus hugged Alicetaria tightly. “This is indeed a cruel trial from Master Noichrome,” Alicetaria thought to herself.




A brief explanation for those confused:

  1. Rosso gained the power to control future (by choosing a favorable parallel world to replace the current one) using the Chaosium Core collected from The Eye.
  2. He wanted to use this ability to stop Abel from cutting off both of his arms. (Rosso R5)
  3. Such method of controlling reality (aka. distortion) was deemed to be “wrong” by the Carduus members. They tried to stop him.
  4. Alicetaria combined the parallel worlds together, so that there would be only one left: the future that Rosso was killed by Abel, as both of his arms were cut. (Alicetaria R1) [This also explains why her story is not dated – it happens in a different timeline, and this timeline eventually vanishs]
  5. Ultimately, Abel sliced off both arms from Rosso. (Abel R5)

And, if you read carefully, you should understand that the Alicetaria here is different from the one mentioned in Marseus R2’s story. The Alicetaria here is a clone of the original queen.