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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Jead R4: Year 3395 – Leap


Lying in his bed, Jead was thinking about the dreams he had had. His dreams varied a lot and he could visit them freely. Despite the different settings across the dreams, Jead found that he had control on them at his own will – if he wanted, he could save the man in need in the dream, or destroy them if he felt like it. However, despite what he did, the people in his dream always died miserably.

As a little boy who had had just lost his friends, being able to manipulate dreams somehow soothed his heart. Jead started to believe the worlds of dreams were related to the real world in some senses.


Jead finally left his bed which he had been staying in for a long, long time. An old woman visited him, asking for help. She was hugging a little baby who was obviously ill. Jead put his hand on the baby’s head, imagining that the baby was healed.

An odd feeling of heat passed through his hand, and the baby started to breathe normally. His fever was also gone.

Jead stared at his hand and realized that his power could turn his imagination into reality.

After few more dreams, he understood that his power was to manipulate casuality – for each action there were various choices for those involved in, and each choice resulted in a different consequence. He could see through the consequences and make the best choice accordingly.

Jead decided to help those in the slum. Soon he became the ruler of the slum, protecting his people using his power.


Jead was thrilled by the fight between Abel and Rosso, and a woman soundlessly appeared in front of him.

“Hello, Jead. My name is Marguerite,” the woman introduced herself. “This should be the first time I meet you in this world.”

“What do you want from me?” Jead was alarmed. He tried to probe her intention so as to prepare himself.

“Oh, I need your power,” Marguerite answered. “With your power, we can manipulate casuality and make everything possible, right?”

“How do you know about my power?”

“That’s a long story. To cut it short: I possess the power to visit the world of All Possibilities, very much like you. Only the chosen ones – like you and me – can go there!”

“Even if you’re telling the truth, I’m still gonna kill you, for the sake of the people you killed!” Jead touched the stone wall next to him, thinking about the possibility that the wall falling down for no reason. He then jumped backward swiftly.

The wall indeed collapsed and all the stones fell on Marguerite in the next moment.

“Is that all you can do?” Marguerite reappeared behind Jead, under her feet emerged a malicious dark fog. The fog started to solidify and form an ugly black monster.

The rampant monster bit Jead on his lower half. Jead tried to resist with his dagger, but it was no use against the monster’s  powerful jaw.

“The show is now on,” Marguerite whispered.

The monster bit through Jead’s body. Thus, He died.


Jead crouched next to Marguerite. He wanted to pull her down, but he instantly gave up as he recalled that what he could see was just a 3D projection.

“Superb!” remarked Marguerite. “So this is how you leap?”

“…You know what I did?” Jead was shocked. Up til now, no one had realized that he could turn back time and avoid his death.

“How amazing… With such a power, one could definitely control reality at his will.”

“If you know this, you must also know that you have no chance against me!” Jead claimed, but he was not very confident.


Another man popped up alongside Marguerite. He was holding a huge axe in his only hand.

“So this is the supernaut? Don’t mess around and get him quickly.” Milian asked.

Jead decided that it was time to retreat. He threw two knives towards the man, trying to distract him. As he did so, he tried to run away.

Milian closed his eyes and summoned a black hole, which pulled the knives and absorbed them. The dark hole also expanded and dragged Jead inside. Jead had no way to escape now.

“What to do now?” Milian asked Marguerite, and she said, “Kill him. Let him show us a bigger leap.”

Milian raised his axe overhead, but his motion was stopped by a bullet. The floating drone next to Marguerite’s image was also hit by a bullet.

“Milian, since when did you become such a dirty man?” Archibald finally arrived. He pulled his gun towards Milian.

“Wipe him out!” Marguerite ordered. She turned back to Jead and said, “We shall continue after clearing those intruders.”


Note: N1 Jead does have a passive skill to revive himself.