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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Abel R1: Year 3395  – Demons’s God


A caravan, formed by smugglers, was traveling from Imperrodia to Meriguadia. The team was attacked by a flock of Vortex monsters in the wild. Fortunately, the team was saved by Abel, who was strong and skillful enough to kill them all.

The leader of the smugglers asked Abel to be their guardian in the next few days, and Abel accepted the offer.


On their way to Meriguadia, Abel had a nightmare about his past, when his father forced him to have a sword fight with his younger brother, so as to determine who would be the next official sword master of the family.

Abel had defeated his brother already, but his father told him not to stop there – his father forced Abel to kill his brother.

In desperate madness, Abel also killed his father with his sword.


Abel R2: Year 3395  – Letter


Abel fucked a random girl in the caravan group on the way to Meriguadia.


Abel got a letter delivered directly to the traveling caravan. The letter was written by his best friend, Leon, and he suggested that they should meet at Meriguadian slum. Abel had no idea what Leon was up to, but he decided to meet Leon at told.

Abel farewelled the smuggler group after they successfully arrived at Meriguadia. He immediately visited the bar noted in the letter. However, Leon did not show up that day. Abel had waited 3 more days but Leon was never present.


Abel tried to kill time meanwhile, so he took a walk in the streets. He bumped into a little kid. As the kid quickly ran away, Abel realized his money pouch was stolen.

Abel ran after the kid. As he found the kid, he was trapped by 3 grown adults.

The bandits pulled out their knives and were clearly wanted to put the kid to death. In spite of this, the kid was not worried – he seemed to be excited and enjoying, in fact.

In any case, he was just a kid – Abel thought. He decided to stop the bandits.


Abel R3: Year 3395  – The Boy In The Slum


As an experienced swordman, Abel defeated the three bandits easily, without even hurting them. Seeing how skillful Abel was, the bandits promptly ran away.

Abel lifted the net trapping the little boy and took back his money pouch. The boy didn’t seem to be grateful for the help, but Abel didn’t mind anyway. With a sudden sympathy, Abel invited the boy to have a meal with him.


They went back to the bar noted in Leon’s letter and ordered piles of foods. The other customers in the bar seemed to be amused by the pair, but not because of the amount of foods on their table.

The bartender told Abel that the boy – named Jead – was the leader of the bandits in the slum, and suggested him not to mess with him. Abel, however, didn’t take that seriously.

After learning that Jead was not just an ordinary boy, Abel asked him if he could help searching Leon within the slum. Jead didn’t give an explicit answer, but he was clearly moved by the amount of money Abel willing to pay for that.

Jead helped with the searching in the next week, but it turned out that Leon had never visited the Meriguadian slum. Abel started to worry and guessed that Leon was involved in some sort of trouble. He, therefore, concluded that he should leave the slum and search elsewhere.


Abel R4: Year 3395  – Assault


After knowing that Abel was about to leave the slum, Jead visited Abel in the hostel and bid him farewell.

Moments after Jead had left, Abel heard a loud disturbance from the streets.

“Get away from the slum! It’s an attack!” Someone shouted. “Someone is spreading toxic gas there!”

Having Jead in mind, Abel figured that he should go back to the slum and see if there was anything he could help him. This was certainly an emergency when compared to Leon’s case.


The slum was flooded with toxic gas for real, and many local residents were killed. Fortunately, Abel was able to find the furious boy at the border of the slum.

Jead was losing control. “I gotta go! I must protect my place!”

“You’re just a kid,” Abel was trying to calm him down. “What could you do?”

“You had never seen my power. Not even you could stop me!”

“Fine then, I’m going with you.” Abel was amazed by his determination, so he agreed.


With the information provided by Jead’s minion, Abel and Jead quickly located the antagonists – one of them was Rosso, which Abel recognized. The other one was a slim woman.

“Hey, Abel, what’s up?” Rosso took off his gas mask and ask.

“You did all these?”

“This’s just to sterilize. There’re so many dirty things here, so this is the best way to meet our target,”

“You’re not in a Vortex. They’re all humans!” Abel was astonished. “What you are doing is a massacre!”

“Who cares about trash? I’m not gonna listen to you anyway,” Rosso put up his mask again and tried to retreat from Abel.

“Don’t go away!” Abel pulled out his sword and approached. He exercised a series of beautiful sword dance and injured Rosso’s arm. “Merely an engineer like you has no chance of winning against me,”

“Don’t boast too much so fast,” Rosso popped a test tube and drank the content inside. “Your power is nothing when compared to my research!”