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Jead R1: Year 3390 – Mother


“Quick, Go! You stupid little shit!” Jead’s mother shouted to the 7-year-old boy as she kicked him out from the home.

Jead had been beaten up by his mother for he didn’t fetch the water needed last night. He was now forced to fetch the water again in the freezing winter weather. There was no one there using the well in such a cold winter morning. Jead filled up the water bucket, feeling dazzled, and failed – his last meal was taken over 7 days ago. He had no strength to bring it back.

He closed his eyes. He can’t tell if this was a dream or reality.


When Jead woke up again, he tried to bring back the bucket to home. His mother was not amused. “You’re too slow! No meal for you clumsy sloth!” the mother yelled and kicked him out the home once again. Jead tried to open the door, but it was locked.

Jead collapsed as it started to rain. No one in this slum would ever know – or care – if a little boy died on the road.


Jead woke up in a dim room as the sense of hunger woke him up completely. He, however, felt an odd feeling lingering in his body – extreme exhaustion, and he felt like he was still sleeping in the cold outside. It was like wandering on the border of dream and reality.

He searched in the room for food, but he accidentally knocked over the empty water bucket. The great noise woke his mother up.

In rage, the mother kicked Jead over and locked him outside the house.

Jead was once again being left on the dark, empty slum road.


Jead woke up again, finding himself sleeping one his own bed. He now understood that he was experiencing the same dream over and over.

His tears started to drop as he thought of the violence he would be taking over again. Hopelessly, he hoped that his mother would be less angry if the water bucket was filled up.

He took a look at the bucket – which was indeed empty.

Jead gazed the bucket again. This gave him a new emotion he had never experienced – ranging fury. his heart was beating faster and faster, and he must do something to calm it down.

Her mother was sleeping on her bed. Jead stood close to her and grabbed an empty wine bottle. He smashed his mother’s head with all his strength repeatedly, until she no longer breathed.


Jead woke up in the next morning. He felt refreshed – free from pain, hunger and exhaustion. The was a quiet morning, and he could tell the everlasting night was finally over.

He packed up some necessities, took a final glance at her mother’s blood-soaked bed,  and left the house.

Jead R2: Year 3391 -Guild


Despite the fact that Jead did take food and money before he left, they were running low already. He had no choice but to steal money from the others in the slum.

This time, Jead attempted to steal from an infamous gang in the slum, and he failed miserably. He got caught and was beaten up to death – and he suddenly had a weird feeling, just like the one he had experienced in that winter. He knew that something would happen.


Jead didn’t know how to explain this, be he was sure this was not a dream nor hallucination. He went back to the past, learnt from his mistakes, and had successfully stolen from the gang without being caught.

The leader of a local thieves guild witnessed his stealing skill and asked Jead if he would like to join them. Jead agreed to his invitation.

The other members of the guild welcomed him warmly. Jead had never been so happy in his life before.


A peaceful year had passed until Jead received the shocking news that the aforementioned gang attacked the guild’s base, killed the leader and some other members.

In despair and anger, Jead found out the whereabout of the gang and killed them all.

Jead R3: Year 3393 – Haze


Jead became distinguished for annihilating the most powerful group in the slum at his young age. Many other groups and guilds invited him to join – and some of them even tried to kill him after he refused. With his power, Jead survived every time.

As time passed by, no one dared to ask him the same question again. Instead, minions in the slum gathered around him and formed a new group. They entitled him as ‘the King of Meriguadian Slum’.

Despite all the fame and power, Jead was never amused. His heart was filled with the void from the loss of his good old guild members.


Jead was having an awkward dream one night. In the dream, he witnessed a war between a royal army and a rebellion force formed by commoners, and even he could tell the latter was dominating.

There was only one thing which didn’t match his vivid dream – a human-shaped cloud of haze standing afar. As Jead walked towards it, he could hear it speaking, with a faint female voice.

“Final….ly….. the….. sup…er…naut…. is….. found….!”

The haze covered Jead and he woke up with a serious headache.