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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Archibald R1: Year 3382 – Tie


Imperrodia was a Kingdom due south of Granddillenia Kingdom, and the largest Vortex “The Eye” could be found here. The region around the said Vortex are called “Savage Lands”, and Storm Riders was the tribe traveling across the Savage Lands, which made a living by doing trading and commerce.

The royal family of Imperrodia was so corrupted that riots arose frequently. Will Ballantyne was the leader of the local rebellion force. He was welcomed by the Storm Riders and other common citizens, and his force was growing stronger.

He was then arrested by the Imperrodia royal army and was about to be executed in public. Luckily, he was saved by his best friend, Archibald, in the last minute. Riding on his robotic horse, Archibald decided to bring him back to the base of the rebellion force.

Meanwhile, Archibald found out that Ballantyne was infected with an incurable disease which originated from Vortexs. Such disease was capable to slowly debilitate the lungs of the victims, making them age faster than usual. That was why both of them looked much older than how they should had been, despite they were only in their late twenties.

Archibald arrived at the base, only to find that it had been demolished completely by the royal army.


Archibald R2: Year 3382 – Toast


Archibald chose to take Ballantyne to one of the force’s secret camp. On the way, they were attacked by a flock of Vortex monsters. However, they were not harmed as Archibald stopped them with his shadow-binding shoots.

They finally arrived the camp and were warmly welcomed. Ballantyne found that her wife was also there and she was pregnant.


Archibald and Ballantyne were having a drink in a pub. Archibald suggested that he should try to cure his disease with the aid from the Regiment – they had the best level of technology from Pandemonium. For the sake of his family, Ballantyne agreed.

As things settled, Ballantyne boarded the flying ship to Regiment.


Archibald R3: Year 3383 – Cradle


Ballantyne returned from the Regiment after a few months. However, he didn’t seem healed – it looked like his illness was worsening, and his mental state was unstable. Furthermore, he needed to take medicine constantly.

Despite his situation, his leadership in the rebellion force was perfect. There were rumors that his victory was a result of conquering his illness. At the same time, his reliance on his drug had become increasing noticeable – he once told Archibald that the medicine he took gave him the ability to see into the future.


Finally, Ballantyne overthrew the royal family of Imperrodia and took over the throne himself. He ruled the state flawlessly, as if he could really see through the future. Still, his mental state became even more unstable. He became over-protective to his new-born son, to the extent that he could kill anyone dare to approach the baby’s cradle.


Archibald visited Ballantyne one day, only to found that he went completely mad because his wife took away the drug he was doing. Her wife was shot dead.

To save the poor baby named Jead, Archibald quickly picked him up and escaped the insane ruler.


Archibald R4: Year 3383 – The Young Son


After 5 days of haste, Archibald arrived the orphanage he grew up at. He asked the head to take Jead and she kindly agreed.

Archibald then headed back to the Regiment for his duty.


Archibald visited the orphanage again after 7 months. He donated a large sum of money to the orphanage and met the girl looking after Jead.

Everything seemed to be fine before Archibald just left – Ballantyne’s personal attendants tracked him down and finally found out where he hid Jead. They attacked Archibald and started a fire in the orphanage.

It was too late when Archibald made his way back, as the fire had spread everywhere inside the orphanage building, killing everyone inside except the little girl who looked after Jead.


Archibald was about to leave and head back to Regiment when the girl survived called him.

“I think I was saved by Jead,” She said. “Just before I was about to suffocate, I saw Jead turning into an adult surrounded by light… and the walls blocking our way broke down in the next moment. That’s how I could escape.”

Archibald hugged the girl. He knew he was responsible for their sufferings.




Raul and Servaas are both members of Ballantyne’s rebellion force. R1 Raul’s story is basically how he was invited by Ballantyne and joined the force.