Since Chrismas is coming, I’m gonna do something seasonal first!

M10 Crampus Cards are given out to players in each years’ Chrismas event. They contain side-stories about some characters before their death.

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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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M10 Crampus (2011): Winter Festival


Evarist and Izac were walking in the freezing weather. They had been summoned to this weird world after their death and now they were working under this little quiet doll, fighting monsters and retrieving their memories before death.

Izac was slightly more talkative than his usual. “Don’t you think the big bag on that monster’s back resembles the one used by the Landlord? Do you remember that?” He asked.

Evarist’s father was a Landlord, but he was not as austere as he should have been. He gave Evarist and Izac birthday presents every year, despite the fact that Izac was merely the son of a servant. He also dressed up as a snow elf in the annual Winter Festival, which annoyed even his own wife,


As the son of a Landlord, the young Evarist was always alone with no friends. Therefore, he was excited to hear that a new servant – with a son of the age around him – was coming soon.

As soon as the servant came, he told his son to introduce himself to the others.

“My name is Izac. Nice to met you.”

“Hello, Izac. I’m Evarist. My dad would just call me Eva.”

“Ya, hello, Eva.”

Izac’s father was anxious for his impolite statements and apologize immediately, but the Landlord told him not to mind it. The young Izac never dared to address the boy as “Eva” again when his father was around.

– And that was how the two boys first became friends.


Izac threw a snowball and it straightly hit Evarist’s head.

“Don’t act silly, Izac!”

Evarist tried to hit back with a snowball, but it missed.

“Ha! You sucks!”

Evarist took a deep breath and decided to ignore him. “You’re really really relaxed, aren’t you?’

“Well, we’re in such a world! That’s no use overthinking stuff, right?

“You’re right somehow,” Evarist agreed, smiling.

“Fine. It’s time for me to lead,” Izac said, as he walked in front of Evarist and the doll.