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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Evarist R3: Year 3389 – Escape


Companies B and D of the Regiment had been assigned the mission to eliminate “The Eye”, the largest Vortex in existence. Junior members, including Evarist and Izac, were not allowed to follow. They had to wipe out any monsters coming out from the Vortex, so as to secure the retreating routes for the Companies.

Their mission to eliminate the Vortex seemed to be a success – Evarist could see that “The Eye” was disappearing. However, he couldn’t find any junior members retreating from there. With the Vortex disappearing, the monsters coming out there became increasingly violent. Evarist decided that it was time for them to retreat.

However, something unexpected happened – all the Regiment’s flying battleships failed to function. As Izac tried to protect Evarist, his right eye was cut by the fang of a monster.

The pair was so desperate as the monsters gathered around them, but then a working battleship came to rescue them. It was Lahm‘s ship.


Lahm dropped the two at a safe location, as he headed back and tried to save more warriors. Before he left, he told Evarist and Izac to escape and hide, and never try to go back to Regiment.

So the two followed what they were told and tried to survive in the wild. However, Izac’s injury was deteriorating. Knowing that his eye could not be cured, Izac grabbed his right eyeball and pulled it out himself.

As they tried to hide anonymously, they were gethering more information – “The Eye” and the other Vortexs were indeed eliminated, but all the Regiment members were sacrificed. Evarist understood that they were meant to be discarded from the very beginning, but he was not getting angry because of that, as he had prepared for his death in the Regiment already.


Evarist and Izac wandered to a small town and found that they were recruiting new soldiers for the Granddillenia Kingdom, in which a detailed personal profile was not required. Evarist asked Izac if he wanted to follow him, and Izac agreed.




  1. The disappearing of all the Vortexs marks the end of Dark Age and the beginning of Dawnlight Age.
  2. Redgrave decided to wipe out all the Regiment members because they were “contaminated” by Chaosium in the Vortex.
  3. The next few posts will be about the whereabout of Milian, Rosso and Marguerite.