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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Bernhard R5: Year 3389 – Finale


The Regiment members departed from the base and boarded the flying battleships. Company D were going to take the Core located at Red Throne.

“The time has finally come,” The teammate sitting next to Bernhard whispered to himself.


According to their operation plan, Milian and Rosso would be going straight to find the Core, while the other members of the Company would be fighting off any monster trying to attack them. This is to ensure the team could reclaim the Core as soon as possible.

Aggressive dragonics, with lances in their hands, noticed them and started to attack. The Core was a special item for their ritual, so they tried to protect it will all their might.

Bernhard and his subordinates killed off most of the dragonics. However, they had lost a few men. Bernhard reported this to Milian via radio.

Milian told him to advance and meet them at the whereabout of the Core.


Bernhard and one of his men walked through the red cloister built by the dragonics. The place was in complete silence and this made Bernhard started to worry – why did Milian leave the main force and go find the Core with Rosso only? This would be a highly risky decision, which was unlikely made by a leader of a Company.

Bernhard recalled something about Rosso which Friedrich told him before. His worries deepened.


Bernhard reached the Core. It was placed at the top of a tower, and a scarlet moon shone on the two men standing there.

Bernhard noticed that the Core had been placed inside the machine already. He approached and asked if they should leave.

“No, stop there. I’ve got something to do, so wait there,” Rosso said, as Milian immediately block Bernhard’s way.

“He’s not your boss,” Bernhard found it weird and questioned. “Why are you listening to him?”

“Bernhard…” as Milian spoke, the red moonlight suddenly disappeared. It was a giant dragon blocking the moonshine.

“The Core at Blue Peak have just been secured. Synchronization begin,” Rosso took a deep breath and ordered, “And kill those guys!”

Milian quickly pointed his gun towards Bernhard. Bernhard’s subordinate tried to take out his gun as well.

Milian warned him no to do so. “My apologize, but we have other places to go.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Don’t worry – all the Vortexs will be gone, and a new world would await us.” Milian wasn’t looking at Bernhard as he spoke.

“Only 10 seconds left! Quick, kill ’em!” Rosso yelled.

Bernhard’s subordinate reflexively pull out his gun, and Milian shot through his head. At the same moment, Bernhard took out his sword and sliced off Milian’s left arm.

Milian bent down and crush Bernhard with is shoulder. Bernhard collapsed and rolled on the floor. He quickly stood up, just to find that the dragon above them was ready to attack all of them.

Milian was yelling something to him, but he couldn’t hear it clearly.

The dragon was about to bite Rosso and Milian – and the Core started to emit a bright light. The whole world began to turn hazy.

The light painted everything into a pure white colour.


“The time has finally come,” The teammate sitting next to Bernhard whispered to himself.

This made Bernhard experience a Déjà vu and he could feel a strong inconsistency from the world.


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