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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Friedrich R5: Year 3389 – Chaos


Company B of the Regiment was fighting for the Core at Blue Peak. The majority of their team members was killed on the way to there, as their path was guarded by a team of 4-alles tall dragons. (4 alles = 6 meters)

The remaining members were standing next to a cliff, fighting a giant dragon which was 10 alles (15 meters) high. It only took one breath for the giant dragon to burn a man to death.

“C.C., how much time do you need?!” Friedrich shouted to the radio.

Soon! Just 7 more minutes!

“Damn!” He cursed after turning off the radio.

Only less than 10 of the warriors remained, and dragons started to gather around them. It was obvious that all of them would be wiped out in no time.

“Red Throne have been seized! Only the one at our side remains!” C.C. reported.

Friedrich decided to make a sudden assault to buy time, hoping C.C. to activate the machine in time.

He rushed into the dragon boss and pretended to attack with his swords. When the dragon tried to bite off his head, he threw out the hand grenades he had been hiding.

The head of the dragon – and Friedrich’s body – exploded into pieces.


Friedrich woke up in a meadow. He found a girl with strange ears sleeping soundly beside him. The girls seemed to be familiar to him, but he couldn’t recall who she was.

Friedrich saw a blind old lady standing in the forest nearby, so he approached her.

“Where is Ayn? Where is the Orb? If you don’t return the Orb to us, this world will be destroyed as well,” The old lady questioned.

“The world will be destroyed?” Friedrich repeated.

“Yes –  by maggots. Because of you.”

“It’s not like that, we take it to protect – ”

“Cut out your excuses, as you will be destroyed with this world altogether.”

The ground started to shake strongly.


“C.C., how much time do you need?!” Friedrich shouted to the radio.

Soon! Just 7 more minutes!

“Damn!” He cursed after turning off the radio.

The dragons were approaching them. Friedrich believed that he would be killed – and he suddenly got an offbeat feeling.

Why should I die?” He questioned. This was an inquiry never bothered him before.

Everyone else died for the mission. The mission must be accomplished. However, this was not his own will.

A sense of powerlessness started to take over Friedrich’s heart.

He told his subordinates to attack, but he didn’t participate in the fight. He ran towards the Core.

C.C. was there and she quickly asked what was wrong with him, but he gave her no answer.

The dragon reached them and burnt everyone in ash with just a breath.


Friedrich was staying in a battleship, standing in front of a monitor.

From the screen, he could see that the young Regiment trainees were being killed by the metal giants. However, he had no feelings to this.

Death and destruction repeated itself. He had to save; he had to destroy.

Friedrich parked his battleship. The metal giants approached and crushed the battleship.


Friedrich was in a world with nothing but darkness.

“My cursed Mr. Warrior,” A voice resembling the old lady in the forest asked,”Have you known nothingness?”

Friedrich didn’t answer, but he understood what she was trying to say.

Why should he fight? Who should he fight for? If everything would eventually return to darkness, what was the meaning of life? He had no answers to these.

“This is the truth, Mr. Warrior,” The old lady continued, “Everything will go to nought.”

The old lady was in total stillness, as if she had transformed into a statue.

“Thus, chaos is imperative – chaos does not ask for intention.”

The old lady cracked open like an eggshell. A slender girl walked outside there.

“Welcome to the world of chaos.”

Friedrich was captivated by the eyes of that girl.


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