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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Ayn R5: (Year Not Specified) Providence


Ayn, in her human form, was staying with C.C. in her office. C.C. was working on something which Ayn couldn’t understand – she could only see texts flowing on her computer screen.

“That’s it! With this, we can transform the Vortex’s Cores into the orb you have been searching for!” C.C. paused and told Ayn finally.

This was Ayn’s final chance. If the Regiment successfully reclaimed the Cores of “The Eye”, the largest Vortex in existence, all the other Vortexs will also disappear at once.

“In the Core Reclamation Machine, there’s a reverse-actuating machine for recovering Chaosium,” C.C. started to explain how Ayn could take back the orb and go back to her home.

“All the futures come from the pasts, and the directions of the flows of futures are in disorder. Only Chaosium can control the flows of futures, as if a paddle controls the flows of water.”

Ayn couldn’t understand a word she said, but she nodded anyway.

“When the flows reverse, and the vibration from Chaosium energy stops, phenomena space will enter a static state. In such a state, the space-time near the Core will attract the maximum likelihood dimension with the existing information entropy. In other words, if you are the one closest to the Core when it stops, the ‘world’ will move towards your original world. By the way, this is also how our flying battleships travel across dimensions,”

C.C. got excited and she spoke faster and faster. Ayn could only keep on nodding.

“In short, information entropy attracts the largest matter, and all organisms contain a large amount of information entropy – that’s how it works.”

Ayn still didn’t understand. All she could do is cry and wholeheartedly thank C.C..


The day had finally come. C.C. put Ayn into a cat carrier and told her to stay still. The flying battleship started to take off.

Ayn didn’t know how long they had traveled when C.C. picked up her carrier and started running. The sounds of rifle and explosion roamed around them.

C.C. told her they had reached the Core and let her out. Ayn tried to look for Friedrich as C.C. setting up the equipment around the Core. C.C. knew how Ayn was feeling towards Friedrich.

Soon! Just 7 more minutes!” C.C. shouted to the radio. “Red Throne* have been seized! Only the one at our side remains!”

Ayn could see Friedrich attacking a giant dragon. Its giant jaw caught him – and the very next moment, its head exploded into pieces. Ayn couldn’t comprehend what had happened as everything appeared in a flash.

Then she saw the headless dragon and Friedrich’s head falling to the ground.

“Come, Ayn! The synchronization process is starting!” Ayn couldn’t react to her, so C.C. grabbed her and put her inside the synchronization machine. “I know you’re heartbroken, but you must go! Bye-bye, I hope you’ll find happiness in the other world.”


When Ayn woke up again, she found herself back to her home, the forest raised her up. The orb was in her hand.

However, Ayn was not feeling nostalgic nor excited. She recalled the scene when her loved one was killed – what would be the meaning of life if she would miss him forever?

She squatted there and cried.


The orb in Any’s hand started to glow. The air around her started to warm up.

“Do you want to save him?” An unknown girlish voice whispered to her. Ayn didn’t recognize that voice, but she somehow found it nostalgic.

“Sure, of course!” Ayn called out.

“Save him then,”

The light from the orb intensified and covered Ayn and her forest.


Ayn was surrounded by darkness. The orb in front of her was showing Friedrich’s image.

“You can choose the future you want – but you have only one choice. Do you want to save him? Or to save your homeland?”

Ayn didn’t speak, but her heart had decided. She knew it would be a painful decision no matter what, but there was only one option in her mind.

“I get your decision. I hope he will understand!” The girl spoke to her made a resounding laughter.

Ayn was losing her consciousness. Her last feeling was that the orb was slipping away from her hand.


*Notes: Red Throne and Blue Peak are the names given to the locations of the Cores. Company B (Friedrich and C.C.) was responsible for the Core at Blue Peak, and Company D (Milian, Rosso and Bernhard) went to Red Throne.