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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Bernhard R4: Year 3389 – To the Final Battle


Milian summoned Bernhard to his room and briefed him on the coming mission, which is to seize the two Cores of “The Eye”. Milian reminded him that once the mission was completed, all the other Vortexs would vanish, and Company E has failed this mission before.


After a simulation battle practice, Bernhard asked his twin brother what he would do after the end of the battle. Friedrich said he wanted to visit their home country, and then asked Bernhard the same question.

Bernhard said he had not thought about that, as he wanted to focus on the coming battle. Friedrich told him they should come back to this issue later.


They tried to put Rosso’s machine in use in their simulation battle for the first time, but they failed. The two cores located on different time axes, and they must seize both cores within a difference of 2 hours difference. However, only a few of their simulations were successful.


The Regiment decided to throw a party one week before the departure of Companies B and D. Archibald from Company A came to Bernhard and bid him good luck. Company A was not involved in this mission.

Friedrich was somewhat drunk as he was having a drinking match with other junior members. He yelled loudly at the hall, telling everyone to hail for Sterling, the founder of Regiment.

In the effect of wine, all members were excited and hailed for Sterling and Regiment, wishing they would come back safe and sound in this challenging mission.