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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Friedrich R4: Year 3389 – Cat


Friedrich had been giving training to many new Regiment soldiers, but he now had to stop for a while. Company B and D of the Regiment had been appointed to the largest mission they ever had – they were soon getting into “The Eye” and collect the Cores of the Vortex, for real. As the leader of Company B, Friedrich was getting busy.

Those who had been appointed to participate in this operation had been training really hard, and they had had countless numbers of battle simulations. However, the success rate of those simulations was just barely 40%. They knew it would be a tough fight.

Even so, Friedrich was still contented to see his trainees getting into shape – some his first students, Izac, Evarist, Grunwald, Abel, Leon and Kyn, were going to be regular members of Company F.


It was getting later after the fourth training of the day, and Friedrich was about to head back from the hangar. C.C. was there and it seemed that she had something to tell him.

“Are you looking for Ayn? She’s not here.” Friedrich said. He didn’t know Ayn could transform into a cute girl.

“No… not entirely. I want to talk about Rosso and the machine he made for this mission. His idea is really genius, but there’s something I don’t understand…”

Friedrich told her to cut out the complicated parts and jump to the conclusion.

“It’s about a small device inside that machine…” Thus, C.C. replied. “Its function is not related to the coming mission. If I’m not mistaken, it’s to create a new core from the resonance of the existing cores.”

“Why don’t you just talk to him directly?”

“I’ve got some… problems. I’ve been dismissed from the team responsible for that machine, and you’re the only one I know who will participate in that mission.”

Friedrich promised C.C. to look into the matter as he disrobed, and he being half-naked embarrassed her. At this moment, Ayn, in her cat form, appeared from nowhere and she fiercely bit C.C.’s calf. Friedrich gently picked up the cat as C.C. cried out in pain. He thought Ayn was mad because she was underfed.

“Don’t get jealous over small things! I’m talking about something really important with him!” C.C. spoke to the cat with a serious face. Yet, the cat didn’t stop groaning to her until she left the hangar.

“Fine then, let’s go get dinner,” Friedrich picked up his shirt and said to Ayn.