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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Rosso R4: Year 3387 – Duo Cores


“The Eye” was the first Vortex ever appeared on the land, and the largest one of its kind. Company E had made an attempt to destroy this Vortex, but the team failed the mission and all members were annihilated.*

Rosso was analyzing the Core of “The Eye” and found that there were two cores insides the Vortex. The cores repaired themselves if only one was removed at a time, so both of the cores had to be reclaimed at the same time in order to shut down the activity of “The Eye” completely.

Rosso reported his findings to his boss, Lahm. As the same time, he suggested that it was Melchior who made “The Eye” repairing itself. Rosso really wanted to save Melchior from the center of “The Eye” in order to learn more about him and Chaosium.

Rosso designed a new device to reclaim the two cores simultaneously using quantum synchronization technique. It was approved by Lahm, and Marguerite made a small change to it in order to hide her floating Drone – her real from – inside the device.


The development of the device went into test phase, and all the soldiers from Company B and D joined the battle simulation. However, their first simulation failed because the quantum device was not adjected correctly, and it seemed to be C.C. the Company B engineer’s fault.

Rosso harassed her and told her not to mess with his device again. He wanted to have full control on the device he made, so as to guarantee a success. Milian, as one of their new comrades, tried to console him but was unsuccessful.

Rosso discovered that the inner part of the device had been analysis by someone unknown, and he definitely didn’t want the secret of the floating Drone placed inside exposed. He had to tell Lahm to dismiss C.C. from the team now.


* : As in Riesz R5’s story.