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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Ayn R4: [Year not specified] – Encounter


Grunwald took the cage containing Ayn to Regiment’s base, and he gave the cage to C.C.. Later, Ayn told C.C. about her story.

C.C. wanted to help Ayn. Therefore, she showed Ayn around the Regiment’s base when C.C. was working, with Ayn in her cat form.

One day, they visited the hangar. Ayn immediately recognized the flying battleship here was “The Black Gondola” raided her home forest.

And she also recognized the young man – Friedrich – standing next to the battleship. On the day Regiment raided Ayn’s home forest, Friedrich saved her from being killed by the other warriors, since she was just a child back then.

Seeing Friedrich again brought up mixed emotions to Ayn – rage, embarrassment, sentimentality, and surprisingly, joy.