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(Very likely) how C.C. accomplished her tasks:


Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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C.C. R3: Year 3385 – Legacy


C.C.’s father eventually passed away. Therefore, C.C. had to take a break from her works in Regiment and go back to Pandemonium. She was organizing the legacy from her father together with her mother, who was also an engineer working for the government.

C.C. asked her mother if they were going to pass the obituary to Loeffen, who had also taught C.C.’s father. However, her mother rejected the idea resolutely. As an engineer from the government, C.C.’s mother highly appreciated Redgrave‘s ruling. She regarded Loeffen as a betrayer of the state for his runaway from Redgrave’s order. Hence, she didn’t want C.C. to contact him for whatever reasons.

C.C. didn’t argue with her mother and continued to sort out her father’s items. She found an external hard drive which her father had been used for years. She took it back to her workplace, thinking it may contain the data she needed.


C.C. was sitting in her office in Regiment, studying the files in her father’s external hard drive. She found some family photos and cried a bit – and then discovered that only one file was encrypted.

She guessed the password correctly with ease. It was an executable file with huge size, but the activation codes were missing. C.C. copied the file to her computer and decided to write the codes herself later on.


As usual, C.C. was repairing Friedrich‘s (and other Regiment members’) scepters (collapsible swords). After she was done, her boss ordered her to check the Core Collection Machine (which was used to collect the Cores supporting the existence of the parallel worlds). Her boss also instructed her to improve the design of the machine in order to increase its efficiency.

C.C. spent a few days to research on the topic, but her effort was in vain. Exhausted, she decided to take a break and review the family photos from her father.

While she was using her computer, she received some strange formulae from a communication software out of the blue. By intuition, she applied those formulae to the program she was working on, and it turned out wonderfully.


She read the message again carefully, realizing the originator was using an unknown alpha-numerical username. In great curiosity and fear, she sent out a thank-you message.

The one on the other end replied, “I’m Stacia, the artificial intelligence which your father had been working on til his very end. I’m talking to you via the communication software your father developed.”

C.C. was shocked by the fact that her father had also been analyzing A.I. – an extremely advanced A.I. which could communicate with human.

C.C. R4: Year 3385 – Shock


The improvement on the machine was satisfactory – the success rate for Regiment’s missions would now have increased by 5%. Even though that was not a significant number, C.C. was still relieved – she did something to save the soldiers’ lives.


C.C. talked with Stacia afterward. She found Stacia to be clever, emotional and even humorous. Talking with her was just like talking with a teenage girl.

C.C. asked her the purpose of Stacia as an A.I., and Stacia replied, “I was created to save the world,”.

“According to my algorithm, the spread of Vortexs will accelerate and your world will be destroyed because of this.” Stacia continued, showing C.C. the virtual images of such a world. “I need your help in order to truly save the world!”

C.C. was skeptical – how could an engineer like her and an A.I. program save the world? Stacia gave up pursuing her and she sent C.C. no more messages.


C.C. was busy working in her lab when a new Regiment trainee called upon her. He said he had to deliver something from Loeffen, and gave C.C. a cage with a cat inside.

C.C. treated Ayn as an ordinary cat for a few months until Ayn decided to show her the true form. Ayn told C.C. everything about herself and asked if she could take back the “Orb”.

C.C. was moved by Ayn’s courage. She promised Ayn to help with all her might.


C.C. was really inspired to do something , so she took the initiative to ask Stacia if there was anything they could do to save the world from the Vortexs.

Stacia sent her a few files and told her to build a machine as specified. “If it wasn’t your father’s communication software, I can’t even talk with you like this,” she claimed. “However, with this machine, I could fully execute my functions to interfere the reality.”

C.C. immediately started to analyze the files received.