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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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C.C. R1: Year 3385 – Replacement


C.C. was an engineer working in a certain research institute in Pandemonium. She belonged to the weapon development department, and the head of the department was her father.

C.C.’s father was appointed to be a Regiment engineer, so as to develop new weapons and equipment. However, he couldn’t make it since he was seriously ill from overworking. Subsequently, the director of the research institute wished to find someone taking up the post in Regiment.

The director told all the engineers in the department to hand in a piece of weapon design, so that he could pick out the most capable candidate. He later hinted to C.C. that, it was predetermined for her to be the one taking up her father’s job, since they both shared the best D.N.A. in engineering.

C.C. still needed to hand in a piece of design as a proof of her capability. She was not in the mood to do it, but she managed to finish the design with the help of her secret fujoshi fantasies. The director was quite satisfied with her design.

C.C. R2: Year 3385 – Sigh


As expected, C.C. won the post in Regiment. In fact, it was a golden opportunity for all the engineers – the Vortexs and their associated parallel worlds could provide a lot of research materials for the engineers to back up their theories. However, C.C. was not very excited about the mission since she was going to live with those “people from the Ground” – she had been taught that they were uneducated and barbarous.

Afterwards, C.C.’s colleague, Tyrell, congratulated her for winning the post. Since C.C. had been studying with Tyrell under Loeffen, she knew that Tyrell wanted that post badly. Taking it away from him really made C.C. feel uneasy.


The life in Regiment was harsh for C.C. – everything there was messy and dusty. At the same time, her workload was awfully heavy – she had to design new Chaosium-powered weapon and improve the design of existing equipment.

She used to invigorate herself with yaoi fantasies between Regiment trainees, but now those trainees started to teasingly address her as “middle-aged ma’am”. This made her even more depressed – especially when she looked into mirror and found herself tired, covering in dust and motor oil. Those trainees were not all wrong.