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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Ayn R2: [Time not specified] Flower


Ayn reborn in the otherworld from a tree. She found herself transforming into cat form when it was daytime, and was only able to retain her humanoid form in the nighttime.

She was seriously injured by a huge animal that she didn’t know. While she was laying on the ground resting in her cat form, she was found by a boy. The boy took her away with him.


Ayn R3: [Time not specified] Cage


The boy – Grunwald – brought Ayn to a basement to seek Loeffen‘s assistance. The prince wanted to make Ayn into a specimen, but the old man refused after finding Ayn was still alive.

Ayn got healed and, eventually, Loeffen found out that she could transform into human. Ayn told Loeffen everything about her world as she tried to learn more about where she was, and Loeffen immediately understood that the “Orb” she was looking for was taken by the Regiment.

On the next day, Grunwald was departing from his home to Regiment, since he was banished from his kingdom. Loeffen put Ayn into a cage and told Grunwald to take her to a friend there.


Note: Loeffen is an important character who also appears in others’ stories. He is an engineer specialized in artificial intelligence.