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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Ayn R1: [Year not specified] Tree


Ayn’s tribe lived in a certain parallel world, and The Orb of the world protected their home forest. Their lives had been ever changed since the day “The Black Gondola Riders” invaded their forest, killed many of their best warriors, and abducted The Orb.

Without the protection of The Orb, the powerful Maggot would eat their home forest away, and everyone in the tribe would be killed.

The leader of the tribe – The Great Mother – appointed Ayn to find out the whereabouts of “The Black Gondola Riders”, and bring back The Orb from them. Ayn was honored to take this mission, despite knowing that she would be never returning, and she would miss her best friend Sprout.

The Great Mother took Ayn to the Sacred Tree and cast a spell. The Tree started to absorb Ayn so that she could reborn in another world.



  • The picture above is the original version of R1 Ayn card image. You may find it slightly different from the current version… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • It’s easy to see that “The Black Gondola Riders” are Regiment members with their flying battle ship. The “Orb” they took was the Core to support the existance of the parallel world. Again, the Regiment did this to destroy the parallel world and close the Vortex.
  • The monsters appear in the Rare card stories can be also found in-game. For example, Ubos is a boss in Anemonea, and the Maggot here is a Raid boss introduced in a 2014 event.