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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Friedrich R1: Year 3386 – Trainees


Bernhard Seifert told his twin brother, Friedrich, that he had been appointed to be the lanista * for the Regiment’s newcomers.

Thus, Friedrich started his lessons. He was supposed to study the properties of the Vortexs with his students, but he deemed that too boring. Instead, he told his students to go outside and practice swordsmanship with him.

Friedrich draw a circle on the floor and told his trainees to push him out from the circle with their swords. The first one he called out was the timid Izac, and then Evarist. All trainees tried in the end but Friedrich remained standing in the circle. Friedrich called it a day and dismissed them for lunch.

Friedrich encountered Evarist and Izac in the canteen, so they chatted a bit. Friedrich mentioned that he was the Phase 3 recruit, while Evarist and Izac where in Phase 15. There were 2 Phases of new Regiment recruits each year. Friedrich ended the chat with some encouragements for the two.

*Lanista: Latin for “trainer, or manager of a team of gladiators”. It’s the official’s wording, not mine.


Friedrich R2: Year 3386 – Lanista


It was the trainees’ free time in the evening when Friedrich enjoying his late lunch. However, he noticed a discord among those trainees – Abel and Leon was bullying Evarist and Izac.

Abel teasingly crushed Evarist’s glasses, and provoked Izac to have a sword fight with him. Abel was over-confident about his skills, and he didn’t expect Izac to be serious in killing him. Just before the moment Izac could prod his sword through Abel’s throat, Friedrich stopped them in time  and dismissed them.

On that night, Friedrich ordered Izac to his room and talked to him. He told Izac to bet his life on something more important.

Friedrich thought it was about time get his trainees into some serious fights.


Friedrich R3: Year 3386 – Giants


Friedrich brought some of his trainees to a Vortex. It was the first time for Abel, Leon, Evarist, Izac, Grunwald and Blaise to fight in a Vortex and they were all very excited.

They didn’t have much knowledge about what they were going to face. The monsters – metal giants – in this Vortex were strong but slow in motion. With their high endurance, they couldn’t be defeated if the trainees didn’t cooperate as a group – and this was exactly the reason why Friedrich chose this Vortex . He wanted them to learn a lesson.

qqqqqfdfdfd(*Metal Giants in the game)

While they were traveling in a flying battleship, Friedrich had a little talk with his trainees. He asked about the cat which Grunwald brought along to Regiment – the cat was acting over-friendly towards Friedrich. Grunwald denied that to be his cat.


After the team landed, Friedrich assigned a mission for the trainees – they have to secure the traveling battleship when he was gone. Friedrich had to take the engineer team to the location of the Core, so that they could reclaim it with their equipments.

Friedrich left the trainees there and boarded a smaller flying battleship with the engineers.

And the trainees waited there. They thought there wouldn’t be any monsters coming, but they were wrong. A metal giant approached them, and they soon found out that merely shooting them with rifles couldn’t stop it. Abel tried to attack the giant with his sword but that didn’t work very well either.

Finally, they awarded the importance of cooperation and took the giant down. They were exhausted and running out of ammo, so they were really shocked and desperate to see more metal giants coming.

At this very moment, Friedrich returned with the engineer team. He was riding on a battleship with more powerful weaponry, so he shot down all the remaining metal giants in no time. He then let the trainees board the flying ship and they safely returned to their original world.


Note: R3 Friedrich is the meme lord every Unlight player would recognize – we even have a Line sticker for that precious smile!

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