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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Bernhard R1: Year 3381 – Vortex


Bernhard was a team leader under Company D of the Regiment. At that time, the captain of Company D was Milian.

Milian sent Bernhard and his team into a Vortex, so as to reclaim the Core of the parallel world and thus destroy the Vortex. Their team didn’t have enough resources, but that was the best they could do.

The creatures in this vortex had not developed intelligence, but they were very aggressive. Many men in Bernhard’s team were killed.

Finally Bernhard found the Core. It was located at the top of a mountain. Many alien creatures were protecting it.


Bernhard R2: Year 3386 – Past


Bernhard reached the top of the mountain. He needed to buy time for his engineer colleagues to reclaim the Core. As he tried his best to fight off the alien creatures, he got seriously injured.

The engineers finished their works and they were about to leave. Just before Bernhard and his partners could board the flying ship, an extra-large alien appeared and attacked their team. Another team leader decided to fight that alien alone, buying time for other men to get aboard. That team leader never returned.


After 5 years, Bernhard was mourning at the said leader’s tome – there was no body inside the tome. He told a Regiment trainee the story above. That trainee was Evarist.