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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Rosso R1: Year 3382 – Conference


Rosso was a talented engineer in Pandemonium, who was specialized in the research on baryon. He could just stay there and get promoted, but this was not the life he wanted. He longed a place where his talent can be put into good use, so he volunteered to join the Regiment.

He was assigined to be the accompanying engineer for Company D. At that time, the captain of Company D was Milian.

Whenever Rosso had a chance to visit a Vortex, he would try to collect as many biological and geological samples as possible. All the samples had been piled up in his office.

On a certain day, Rosso was greeted by Lahm at the end of a conference. It turned out that Lahm would be his new boss. Lahm noticed that Rosso was reading a book The Essence of Coincidence, which was meant to be “heretical”*. He asked Rosso to pay him a visit when he was free.


*Note: From the name of the book and the adjective heretical, Lahm knew that Rosso was into the research of Chaosium. It was heretical since Redgrave banned this sort of things.


Rosso R2: Year 3382 – Collaborator


Rosso finally visited his new boss after one day. Lahm introduced him an engineer named Marguerite, saying that she was his comrade in the research of Chaosium.

The female engineer was having a floating Drone with her. Lahm said that she had lost her physical body in this parallel world, as she had been unified with a Core of Chaosium. The Drone was the very essence of Marguerite. With the Drone, she could travel across various parallel worlds created by this Core.

Lahm noticed a strong thirst for knowledge in Rosso. He asked him to join their research in Chaosium. Rosso preferred to work alone, but he accepted the invitation in the end.


Rosso R3: Year 3382 – Guru*


Rosso was exchanging his ideas about Chaosium with Marguerite.

Marguerite mentioned the ban of Chaosium from Redgrave. She expected that Redgrave would kill all Regiment members after all the Vortexs wiped out, for their knowledge on the potential of Chaosium. She stressed that he would as well be killed if he wouldn’t join their alliance.

She also hinted that with Chaosium and a strong will, one can acquire the power to change the world. She promised to tell him more when he gain their trust.

Rosso was amazed that he could feel Marguerite touching him, despite the fact that she didn’t even have a physical body. Marguerite seduced Rosso to have sex with her, saying that could be even more pleasurable than doing it with a physical body, but Rosso refused.


Lahm, Rosso and Marguerite gathered in Lahm’s office. Marguerite showed their Guru* – Melchior – to Rosso. Lahm said Melchior was trapped in the center of the largest Vortex The Eye, and their vision is to save him from there.

Only Marguerite could show them the current statue of Melchior. In the image Marguerite showed, Melchior was an old man, muttering “Go find the Supernaut.”

Rosso didn’t understand what the old man was saying, but he was curious on the topic, thus agreed to be part of the research.




  1. Guru is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a “teacher, guide, expert, or master” of certain knowledge or field. – Wikipedia. So it’s just a fancy way of saying “teacher”.
  2. If you read the previous post, you’d know this is just a plot Marguerite designed. Melchior no longer existed at that point of time. She just wanted to lure someone helping her in her search of the Supernaut. But then, R3 Rosso was released like 2 years earlier then R5 Marguerite. So the mystery and tension was there for the players at that time.