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Update: Major fix in translation. (29 Mar 2017)

I decide to split my previous post into 2 parts, so as to show the logic flow of the whole plot. Part 2 is here.

Marguerite’s R5 story aims to explain many other’s stories, that’s why it’s complicated and may not be understood without knowing other characters’ stories.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Marguerite R5: Year 3378 – Phantom Beast (part 1)


The fusion with the dying black monster gave Marguerite the knowledge in Chaosium she once lacked. Now she would be powerful enough to carry out her plan, in order to save her son from his miserable fate.

All the alien creatures In this parallel world are either black or white, and those black monsters all obeyed Marguerite’s sheer power. She invaded the Temple and seized the Core of this parallel world. She now had the power to manipulate the white creatures as her experiment subjects.

She created a prison out of Chaosium, which she placed the disobeying white creatures inside. With the creatures as a medium, she could force various phenomena to superpose and observe the different possible parallel worlds.

The Guardian of the Temple was too weak to resist Marguerite. It was weeping and dying inside a shred of crystal.

One of the white aliens was transformed into a form of pure “will”, and he must experience his death over and over in numerous parallel worlds.

Another alien was imprisoned in an endless cloister, never escaping even after he gone mad. (Note)


As all the white creatures died out, a strange old man appeared in front of Marguerite, claiming that he was the Creator – the Creator of God –  in this parallel world, which he named “Limbo”.

“So you are saying that you created a God? How funny.”

“This is to recreate the world and direct the mankind into the right path.”

“Can you prove this?” Marguerite requested.

“I don’t need any proof. My being is everything.” The old man answered in an emotionless voice.

“Show me your power then,”

“The ‘Power’ you’re looking for is not here. The one – the Supernaut – having the power will come here one day. With strong enough will, the Supernaut will be able to travel across parallel worlds, and freely decide the future in his favor.”

The old man added, “I’ve been imprisoned here by an evil woman. She wants to destroy my will so that everything would return to Chaos.”

“That’s interesting. But then I’m going to take over your knowledge.” Marguerite engulfed that old man – whose name was Melchior.


Using the knowledge Marguerite took over, she built a “Drone” (the floating-ball thing) which she used to allocate her mind. The Drone was capable to travel across all the possible worlds. With this machine, Marguerite went back to her original world and successfully manipulate it.

To save her son, she would need to find out the whereabout of the Supernaut, and take over his power – If she had acquired his power, she would be able to manipulate probability and make her son healthy again. She had plan for this already.

She pretended to be Melchior’s messenger and asked Lahm (a significant figure in the secret research of Chaosium) for help. She tricked her comrades into thinking that finding the Supernaut was for the science of Chaosium; she lied to them that all their actions were directed by Melchior.





  1. The three white creatures here are reference to AynFriedrich and Bernhard on the other parallel world.