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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Marguerite R3 – Year 3378: Lost


Marguerite took her baby son to the secret research center. She placed him inside “Cradle” and activated the machine. Now she just had to wait.

After around an hour, the research center was intruded by the Inquisitors. It turned out that Iosifu reported her case to them, and they were there to arrest all the members in the research center.

As Marguerite tried to fight back, she got shoot by Inquisitors. With her last strength, she managed to climb into “Cradle” and closed the lid.

A member of the Inquisitors opened up the lid of the machine, trying to take out the baby inside. He was then astonished to find that the dead body of Marguerite was not inside. He heard a whisper, spoken in a female voice, saying “Kill ’em all.”

Monsters started to pour out from the machine, killing everyone in the room, except Iosifu and the sleeping baby.


Marguerite R4 – Year 3378: White and Black


Marguerite couldn’t feel her body anymore. With her remaining consciousness, she fantasized about her son, which should had been healed by her machine. Just before her mind completely vanish in this borderless dark Limbo, a mysterious voice spoke to her, “No, this is not the end.”

The Lord of Limbo showed her the vision that her son dying from a heart attack. In rage, Marguerite’s consciousness gathered again, believing that she could prevent such a tragic fate.

“The world is the union of possibilities,” The Lord of Limbo spoke again. “Only human can choose the possibilities they want. ”


Marguerite’s mind reappeared in a new parallel world. The Lord of Limbo told her this was the world she had chosen.

The sky was gray and the sea was black and white in this world. Marguerite found an alien creature at the seaside, dying. The smooth, long, black body of the alien was beaten by the sea waves.

Marguerite immediately understood that this alien is her counterpart in this parallel world – both of them longed for the power of Chaosium, thus being banished, and they both were dying. The only way for both of them to survive, was to fuse together.

Thus Marguerite fused with the alien and got a new body. They shared their memories and minds. Now she knew where to go.

Marguerite dived into the sea. She was heading to the Temple of Chaosim which housed the Chaosium Core supporting this parallel world.



Throughout Marguerite’s story, the name of her son was never mentioned. But we all know that he is Krönig.