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Ah, Marguerite… and yes, her story is closely related to Milian.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Marguerite R1 – Year 3378: Gate


Marguerite was a high-ranked engineer in Pandemonium, who was responsible for analyzing the Vortexs on the Ground. More precisely, she had to deduce their strength and lasting time from the data collected.

She had a son with certain fatal cardiac disease, which was incurable even at her time. She did everything she could think of to save him, but her effort was futile.

When she was reading a report on the Regiment members, she found something inspiring – those who keep fighting in the Vortexs would have their physical strength improved, and they would also acquire supernatural power. Marguerite was not sure if this was related to Chaosium, but she decided to give it a try, despite knowing that any researches on Chaosium were strictly banned.

As she made progress on her research, a man from the Open Fraction rolled in and invited her to join their team. Seeing that she agreed, the man gave her a document, written on paper, about Chaosium. The document was copied from a codex.

With the information on the document, Marguerite successfully made the machine she needed – an artificial Vortex producer.

Marguerite R2 – Year 3378: Stalker


Marguerite’s deeds were discovered by the Inquisitors. They took away all her papers, data and the machine she made. The Inquisitors also savagely interrogated her, but with her strong will to save her child, she didn’t yield to them. The Inquisitors decided to give her a chance and let her go.

Iosifu, Marguerite’s husband, did a lot of works to save her from the Inquisitors. He asked Marguerite to give up trying, but Marguerite didn’t give in. She visited the relic of Pandora Research Institute alone, knowing that members from the Open Fraction would be waiting there to offer help.

They took her to a secret research base. Marguerite spent a few months there building her new artificial Vortex producer, which she named “Cradle”. She wished to expose her son in Vortex, so as to improve his physical strength, just like the Regiment warriors.

Marguerite went back to home to take her baby son. Iosifu tried to stop her for the last time, yet Marguerite had made up her mind.

She didn’t notice there was a signal emitter on her son when she left.



  1. Codices were ancient documentation on science and technology, often recorded in form of chips. The content was usually powerful and beyond imagination.
  2. Iosifu is a Slavic name.
  3. Redgrave banned the use and research of Chaosium. Those who supported the policy are referred as “Restricted Fraction”, and those who opposed the idea (including Marguerite and Rosso) are referred as “Open Fraction” by the official.
  4. Those who executed the Kingston Protocol were titled “Inquisitors”, symbolised by their red cloaks. Blaise, Max and Juhani were all Inquisitors.