*Cry a river for Salgado’s R5 story*

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Milian R1 – Year 3373: Foment


Alien creatures had been coming out from the parallel worlds through Vortexs, killing many residents on the Ground. Milian’s home town was destroyed and he lost his wife and daughter. He tried to fight some of those creatures with his allies, but their effort went futile – those creatures just outnumbered them.

Milian was taking a small rest in a bistro when a military man talked to him. The man – named Sterling – came from Granddillenia Kingdom, and he asked if Milian wanted to join a new army aimed to fight against Vortexs. Milian agreed.


Milian R2 – Year 3373: Investigation


Milian arrived at the base of the new army – Regiment. He noted that the army had no more than 100 members, and was formed by soldiers from Granddillenia Kingdom, mercenaries and Storm Riders. Storm Riders was a tribe traveling across the Savage Lands, and they made a living by doing trading and commerce. All these members of the Regiment were experienced fighters, and they were the founding members of the army.

The Regiment is then divided into Company A, B and C. Each company consisted of 30 fighters and 6 engineers. They were trained to combat monsters in the Vortexs.

Milian was arranged to a small investigation team, and his team was taking a ride in flying boat into a Vortex. They were off to collect various data in parallel worlds so that engineers could figure out what to do with the Vortex disaster.


Milian R3 – Year 3373: Unknown*      (the title was literally “Unknown”)


Alien creatures attacked Milian’s team, but the whole team managed to survive and the needed data was successfully collected.

Engineers from Pandemonium designed more powerful weapons based on the data collected. These weapons included “Scepter” (some sort of collapsible sword) and “Corvette” (flying battleship). They had built up new theory to eliminate the Vortexs, and the required equipments to execute their plan.

As the tales of Regiment’s success spread across the lands, more young men joined the army.

Milian, as a member of Company A,  was about to join the first battle aimed to destroy a Vortex.


Milian R4 – Year 3374: Auspiciousness


Milian, alone with other members in Company A, completed their mission successfully. They managed to reclaim the Core of a parallel world, thus destroying that parallel world. No one was killed by the monsters in the operation. This was the Regiment’s first success in destroying a Vortex.

All members of Regiment rejoiced. Milian and all his teammates felt that an auspicious future awaited them.



I cut off a lot of fighting scenes which are unrelated to the main storyline. That’s why Milian’s story seems to be much shorter than the others’.

In addition, the best part of his story is not disclosed in his own Rare Cards. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)