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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Previous: Marseus R3 – Year 3132: Ego

Marseus R4 – Year 3376: Path


Marseus had sent some of his clones into the Vortexs, so that he could collect information on parallel worlds. He had found many different kinds of creatures across these worlds, and they were all very different from the ones in his world.

His intended to find a path to The Void through these visits, but he failed. However, he confirmed that the existence of each individual parallel world was supported by a “Core”. Marseus wanted to research more on this matter, and he was interested to find the specific Core supporting his world. He thereafter spread even more of his clones around the lands.


One day, Marseus was informed that Redgrave, leader of Pandemonium, had revived. She had set up plans to eliminate all the Vortexs, and she needed someone from Granddillenia Kingdom to be the leader for her new organization. Marseus accepted her invitation.

In Year 3373, the said organization – called “Regiment” – was founded.

In Year 3376, Maresus decided to infiltrate Regiment with one of his clones, whose was named Maximus. From his infiltration, Marseus knew that engineers from Regiment had invented machines to search for, and reclaim, the Core of parallel worlds. Thus he sent Maximus to steal the design data for these machines. He failed as the data was well-protected by Regiment.


Marseus decided to put more attention on Stacia’s information. In her data he found that there existed Mia the automata, who had the ability to open up a path to the Void and thus connect to Stacia.

To collect more information on Mia, Marseus sent one of his clones to the greatest library in Rosenburg. He was there to look up newspapers and other reports about the automata riot incident. [Rosenburg was a city which had lasted since Twilight Age, and now was under Granddillenia Empire’s territory.]




  1. The picture shown above is Maximus (with his mentality taken over by Marseus) and one of his partners, Riesz.
  2. The name “Maximus” starts with “Max“.
  3. Marseus called his clones “custodes”.