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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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Marseus R3 – Year 3132: Ego


Stacia explained who she was – that all the parallel worlds are connected with possibilities, and she was at the centre of all these world, which she called the Void. When she was there, she could locate a particular parallel world at her will.

“Say, for example,” Stacia continued, “If I want an apple, I can just search for a world which an apple is readily here on my hand, and this is only a matter of will.” As she said, an apple appear on her hand out from nothing. Marseus touched it and it felt so real – and it disappeared in the next moment.

“To make your wish come true, I’ll need to create a channel connecting this world and the Void, so that I could interfere this world. And that is such a difficult task  – long time ago a man attempted but he failed miserably. As a result, this world is now filled with Vortexs.”

Marseus agreed to help her, for the sake of bring back the real Alicetaria back to life. Stacia sent him the data needed via Nanny, and disappeared again.


To execute his plan, Marseus further centralized his power in the kingdom. He brainwashed Alicetaria’s clones, giving them the fake impression that her family had always served him for generations.

Furthermore, he strengthened the physical aspect of his clones. Those clones didn’t have their own consciousness or ego. Marseus connected all the senses from the clones to him. In this way, he could control all the clones at once. Marseus spread his clones all around the land. He was then everywhere, at any time.

He did all these for Alicetaria.




  1. After producing so many clones and sharing sensory and memory among them,  Marseus now addresses himself using the plural form, “we” (you can see what he says from the Wiki). For the same reason, the official didn’t specify his gender – gender is no longer a part of his self-knowledge.
  2. In the picture above, that glowing thing is an apple.