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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Previous: Marseus R1 – Year 2973: The Founder of the Empire

Marseus R2 – Year 3102: Gem


“Nanny is surveiling everything. She will kill you later.” Statcia told Marseus. “The factory will produce new clones of you, based on your valuable sensory records. Your sensory records will be used to educate the new clones – this exactly was the method which the ancient engineers used to conquer death.”

Marseus told Stacia that he wanted to be freed from Nanny’s control, and Stacia brought him to the control panel that could suppress Nanny. As he succeeded, the 3D-image of Stacia disappeared at the same time.

Marseus then found out the location of the clone factory, and he decided to directly copy his sensory records to his other bodies. In this way, he would retain all his memory and personality in a new, younger body. Marseus could now be undead.


Marseus returned as a dominating leader. He renamed the Republic as Granddillenia Kingdom and started to rule with absolute monarchy. The kingdom grew ever stronger and Marseus had been titled “The Undead King”. Despite all these, his heart was filled with void as many decades passed by.


Marseus thus met Alicetaria. The blonde girl was a granddaughter of a certain politician, and they first met in a party. Alicetaria appeared to be charming and intelligent, and more importantly, she had very thorough knowledge on the history the Kingdom. Marseus soon fell in love with Alicetaria and married her.

Alicetaria supported Marseus as a humble and benevolent queen for the next 50 years, until she became very old and died.


Marseus needed Alicetaria, as she was the only one who could understand him as an immortal being. He brought her corpse to the clone factory which created Marseus’s bodies, and ordered Nanny to create clones of Alicetaria as well.

Alicetaria’s body could be perfectly cloned, but the memory and personality was the problem – her sensory was not recorded. The clones of Alicetaria was then raised in The Room, as Marseus was trying to replicate her original personality.

He failed miserably. There was no way for him to replicate someone’s memory and personality. All of those clones just gone mad or even killed themselves when they were told about the truth. He almost gave up.


Someone walked into the factory. It’s was Stacia.

“I can teach you how to find out the possibility you seek for,” Stacia smiled, “And it all depends on your choice.”






And now you understand why Alicetaria looks like this: