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I can’t believe R1 Marseus was released 3 years ago. Time really flies….

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Marseus R1 – Year 2973: The Founder of the Empire


“Born in Pandemonium, you’ll be the hero the world need. You’re the one we created for the world when all the automata are gone.” ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ told the 3-years-old Marseus. “You will live alone in this room. The Room will protect you.”


The Ground were full of uncontrolled Vortexs, and subsequently, political instability has been wide-spread among all the countries.

Marseus was raised and educated in The Room, which was flawlessly controlled by the artificial intelligence named “Nanny”.

He then left The Room at the age of 13, and went to The Republic of Rohde with a fake identity – all of these were pre-determined. He received further education, became a lawyer, participated in political affairs, and finally became the leader of the Republic. He then expanded military actions towards some nearby countries and the Republic finally annexed them.

Despite all these achievements, Marseus had never felt any excitement.


The old, tired ruler of the Republic returned to The Room. “Nanny” was still there, so he requested, “I’m looking for her.”

And so, a 13-years-old girl appeared. She was a 3D-image used in Marseus’s early education. The girl suggested that they should continue the chess game they left unfinished 50 years ago.

As they played, the girl revealed the truth to him – The Room is a factory to produce clone of Marseus. This factory was built by engineers so that they could seize control on the Ground again. And now, this Marseus was the first one to complete the said mission and return back to The Room. All the other Marseus’s had died before they could ever archive this far.

While Marseus was still shocked and saddened by his fate, the girl – Stacia – continued, “Nanny won’t let you go now. However, if you come with me, we can surely exit from The Room.”