Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Timeline in nutshell : Golden Age > Twilight Age > Dark Age > Dawnlight Age

1. Golden Age – The time when Automatas were first created. Engineers gained independence from nations and corporations, and became an influential power in world affairs.

2. Twilight Age – The period where people would not face starvation even they did not have a job because of Automata.
However, both human and the World gradually lose their vitality, so Engineers tried to improve this situation. They genetically modified their experimental subjects, created Melchior, Greibach and Redgrave. “Project Pandemonium” was started.

3. Dark Age – The period when most of the land becomes uninhabitable due to the inroad of Parallel World. Pandemonium was forced to sent to the sky, becoming a floating city.
Remaining human being lived inside Wards designed for cities with technological skill level similar to the Middle Ages.

  • Year 2840: Start of “Project Marseus”
  • Year 3258: Konrad vs. Karenberg
  • Year 3371: Rebirth of Redgrave
  • Year 3373: Foundation of Regiment
  • Year 3378: Redgrave got her new body (as in R4 Donita)
  • Year 3381: Regiment’s Division E was annihilated by the largest Vortex – “The Eye”
  • Year 3389: “The Eye” was annihilated

4. Dawnlight Age – The Regiment stopped the Parallel World by closing all Nodes which linked between the two worlds.
People who confined to city-states began fight for ownership of lands.

  • Year 3389: “The Eye” was annihilated
  • Year 3392: Tyrrell started his works on Belinda
  • Year 3398: Belinda went wild
  • Year 3399: Ada’s team attempted to stop Belinda (as in R5 Ada, the card marked with the latest date)