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Not entirely related to the previous posts. I’m writing this to show some character relationships.

Note that this story card is the one marked with the earliest date (Year 2769).

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Gustave R2 – Year 2769: The Beginning


In the Twilight Age, scientists decided to carry out a revolution on the mankind. They genetically modified their experimental subjects, giving them the best genes and education, and hoped that the resulted humans would lead the rest of the human race to their advancement. Melchior, Greibach and Redgrave were the three experimental subjects chosen particularly for this mission, but what about the others who was not chosen?

Among the hundreds children in the experiment, only three was chosen to be the world leaders, and Gustave was in the group which was not chosen. They were equally talented as the trio, but they excelled in the fields which were deemed “useless in the current state of mankind development and revolution”. That was why they were not chosen – it was as simple as that.


Even if they were not chosen to be the leader, their mission remained the same, which was to contribute to the human race. They researched in their respective areas and, biannually, they gathered at a symposium held by the Governing Department. The symposium was an important occasion for them – their researches would be graded and the “useful” ones would be remarkably funded.

Gustave’s research on genetic treatments was appreciated by the Governing Department and he was content for that. His friend, Gale, researched on the possibility of connecting human neurons to the Internet. Despite the fact that all the other participants were amazed by Gale’s report, it was rated “useless in the current state of mankind development”. Gale was disheartened by such a result.


A few days later, Gale committed suicide and he sent his last words to Gustave. Only a few people participated in his funeral. Gustave believed that the Governing Department was indifferent towards them.

“Is the Governing Department really improving the world?” Gustave asked one of his other friends, standing in front of Gale’s grave. “No matter how good our researches are, they will simply get rejected by the Department if they are deemed ‘useless’.”

“I’ll find a way to free ourselves from Redgrave and her Department.” Gustave declared as he left the cemetery. “I’ll dig out the research data from the Golden Age, and discover the appropriate method to improve the world.”