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I need R5 Salgado in my life……

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Salgado R4 – Year 3372: Needle


While restarting the investigation on the Vortexs, Redgrave released the related information to the public.

Now it was known that uncontrolled Chaosium could be the cause of the Vortexs. Redgrave decided that the use of Chaosium had to be limited to the lowest level, so as to stop the disaster. In addition, she drafted a protocol –  called “Kingston Protocol” – to ban and abandon all the ongoing research on Chaosium. [*This is a very important part of the whole plot, read notes below.]

High-ranked engineers were all displeased by this policy, but they had no other way but to obey.

Redgrave set up a supervising department to make sure all the information and research on Chaosium would be trashed.


Pandora Research Institute was the largest of its kind in Pandemonium. The Head of the Institute protested against the said policy when he had a chance to meet Redgrave in person, but she simply rejected him.

Redgrave told Salgado to pay close attention to the Institute. It didn’t take Salgado too long to find out what they were doing – the members of the Institute was lying about its operating status, and they were still running their research projects despite the ban.

Salgado and his subordinates arrested all the members of the Institute they found. In the process he savagely interrogated some of them, which consisted of shooting a needle from his new prosthesis to the victims’ medulla and sending electric shocks via that needle. He later burnt down the whole research building, so as to remind other engineers what it would be like if they dare to disobey Redgrave. *

Salgado found a sadistic pleasure in his works – he, once a low-rankers in the city, had gained the power to terrorize the high-rankers. He would admit this emotion happily.




  1. Again: Pandemonium, as a floating city, was safe from the Vortexs, but those who live on the Ground would suffer.
  2. Redgrave banned the use and research of Chaosium. Those who supported the policy are referred as “Restricted Fraction”, and those who opposed the idea (including Marguerite and Rosso) are referred as “Open Fraction” by the official. (Personally I don’t think this is a good translation.) You can check here for the official relationship table. You may also want to check out their duel quotes from the Wikia.
  3. Those who executed the Kingston Protocol were titled “Inquisitors”, symbolised by their red cloaks. Blaise, Max and Juhani were all Inquisitors.
  4. Regiment was an army to combat the monsters coming out from the Vortexs. Redgrave had sent some engineers (including C.C.) to aid their battles.
  5. Nadine was a technocrat from Pandora Research Institute, who had successfully escaped from Salgado’s arrest.
  6. Marguerite made a visit to Pandora Research Institute in her R2 story, after the burn-down of the building. The building had some symoblic meanings there.
  7. Up to this point, this is not even close to the end of Redgrave and Salgado’s story…