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Miya, the illustrator of the game, said that R5 Salgado will be released soooooon.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Salgado R2 – Year 3371: Grave


Salgado’s boss told his subordinates that the Central Direction System of Pandemonium had been constantly hacked for a month. He thought this was somehow related to Moloch, since the hacking signals were sent from the lowest floors and he had disappeared for a month.

People from The Security Department had come. They gave an electric gun to each of the Librarians and told them to help search the lowest floors. Salgado’s boss decided to team up with him.

While they were searching the floors, they have encountered Moloch’s traps. Salgado was safe since Moloch told him how to bypass those traps, but not his boss. Salgado kicked his useless boss down the trap since he couldn’t stand him anymore.

Salgado finally reached the room with the brain, only to find that Moloch had died. Salgado tried to use the control panel in the room, and the brain suddenly spoke from a loudspeaker,

“Four hours. Just 4 more hours, and I’ll become the ruler of Pandemonium once again.”

Salgado was amused. He decided to take a seat and wait for that to happen.


Salgado R3 – Year 3371: Arm


Salgado waited in the room, looking at the countdown in the screen. From the screen he also know that the high-ranked engineers were fruitlessly trying to stop the hack from the brain.

As the countdown reached “300”, officers from The Security Department broke in. They quickly realized that the brain in the water tank was behind all the hack, and tried to shoot it down with their electric guns. Salgado lost his right arm as he fought back to protect the brain.

And he made it on time – the counter reached “0”. At the same time, Salgado passed out in pain.


Salgado was discharged from hospital with his new prosthesis, then was summoned to the central Control Tower. The brain –  Redgrave the new leader of the metropolis – explained that she had been sealed in that form for 600 years. She was now awakened to rectify Pandemonium to its right path.

“Pandemonium was meant to lead the world and impel advancement of the mankind. Our engineers should not be slacking like this, eluding their responsibility merely because of the Vortexes.”

She appointed Salgado as her new assistant, as he was deemed to be determined and decisive.


Redgrave was analysing the situation of the Vortexes on the Ground. She decided to assign more engineers to the Ground so as to investigate this phenomenon, and this was the first thing Salgado to help her with.

Salgado was thrilled for outshining the others for the first time, despite his flawed family background.


Note: Now you could see that Redgrave was an influential world leader. Her name would appear in many others’ stories.