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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Salgado R1 – Year 3371: The Lowest Floor

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Pandemonium was a metropolis floating in the sky, with the best technology and boundless wisdom inside. This had been changed since the appearing of “Vortex” – the Pandemonium now was merely a Noah Ark for the scientists to live on.

Salgado was working as a low-ranked Librarian in Pandemonium. His department was responsible to organize and research the documents stored at the lowest floors of the metropolis. He was talented, but he couldn’t be promoted to higher position since his genes were not that good – the position of all the citizens in this city were decided by their DNA.


Moloch was one of Salgado’s colleagues, who had been working in the field for years. Despite the fact that he had many important discoveries, he had never been promoted. He was the only colleagues who had gained Salgado’s respect, and they were working together for a task.

After completing the appointed task, Moloch suggested, “You should take a look at what I’ve found,”

Salgado was curious about what he had found at the lowest floor of Pandemonium, so he agreed. After going through numerous corridors Salgado never known about, they arrived a small room with pipes and electric devices.

“See? The power source for this room is isolated. It took me 5 years to understand what does this door mean, 3 more years to unlock the door, and 10 years to switch on the power here.” Moloch exclaimed. Salgado now understood why Moloch had never promoted – he wanted to investigate this room without their boss noticing.

“And you know what? The finding of this room is significant – it’s ‘The Brain’, the brain of Pandemonium!” As Moloch triggered a switch, a wall opened up, revealing a huge water tank. Inside the tank was a brain, which connected to many electric cords.

“This is a specimen… No, it’s alive!”

“Exactly. The power and communication signals from this room are connected to Pandemonium’s central direction system. In other words, this brain will seize ruling powers of the whole metropolis if we can wake it up!”

Moloch asked Salgado for help, and sent him back to the upper floor alone.


For the next few days, Salgado couldn’t contact Moloch, and this was unusual.

Thereafter, Salgado’s boss called him. He asked if Salgado knew anything special about Moloch. Salgado immediately knew that it was about the room.