Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Ariane R1 – Year 2837: Gathering


Ariane was born in a wealthy family on the 9th floor of Rosenburg. She had been living happily with her father and little sister, Paulette, in a huge mansion. Their mother had died of illness when Paulette was still young, so their father brought them some high-tech automata to look after the girls and take care the housework. The model name of those automata was “Blau Mode 51st Generation”.

The automata named Nihe was the one who was responsible to look after the sisters. It earned respect from the girls.


However, there came the Automata Runaway Incidentall the automata went mad and lost control. The ones in the mansion demolished it, and Nihe killed Paulette right in front of Ariane.

Ever since then, Ariane’s father became alcoholic and often suffer from the hallucination that his family were still complete. Ariane turned her anger and hate towards automata into action – she started to join other victims of such incidents and participated in protests and gatherings against automata. She also began to take up the housework as she could rely on automata no more.


One day, her father decided to go back to work despite his deteriorated health. Ariane didn’t stop him since he looked very serious about that. However, he soon passed out during work and was sent to the hospital. Ariane realized that her father’s health had reached to critical stage.



  1. From this story we learn that Blau can be used to refer a series of automata, instead of just a particular one.
  2. Browning R2, Redgrave R4 and Ariane R1 are giving us three different perspectives to the same important event.