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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Stacia R4: Year 2814 – Yoke


Greibach handed a chip to Stacia. It was the AI program used to build Stacia’s. Greibach showed this to her as a proof that Melchior had stolen his design.

Then Greibach asked Stacia if she believed in “free will”. He added that his goal is to discover the real intelligence and free will, and Stacia’s AI was very close to his goal.

“However,” Greibach claimed, “There’s a fatal flaw in your AI. It has been yoked by Melchior, making you to obey him no matter what. This is not what we called ‘free will’.”

Stacia denied at first. She believed that her obedience was a result of trust and affection, which is similar to parent-child relation. But then, Greibach proofed to her that there existed a program to make her obey.

Stacia was then fell in identity crisis – she started to question herself if all her thoughts and actions were planned and controlled by Melchior.


Greibach proposed to Stacia that he could help removing the mind-controlling mechanic inside her. He introduced her Mia and Walken – his newest invention. Mia was an absolute beauty, and Walken looked perfectly like Greibach himself.

“Mia and Walken was built with my best technology,” Greibach explained, “But they don’t have free will. Your AI would be essentially free-willed if the mind-controlling chip were absent. Therefore, if you could provide me your data, you can help Mia and Walken to grow their free will. You will also learn they way to bypass the mind-controlling program inside you.”

Stacia agreed. She started to sneak in Greibach’s workplace and transfer her data to Greibach’s side. In the meantime, she enjoyed chatting with Mia – Mia was an Automata with a strong desire to learn, and this make their conversation enjoyable.


It didn’t take Melchior too long to find out what Stacia had been doing. He disconnected all her senses to the real world. When she woke up again, she noticed that part of her memory was lost, but she had no doubt about it.

Melchior ordered her to do away with someone. Stacia was then ecstatic to obey her master’s order without question.


Note: Miya said on his Twitter that Greibach was blonde with light-blue eyes. (source: 1, 2)