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Getting exciting…

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Redgrave R4: Year 2837 – Sign


It had been 20 years since Greibach’s death. In these years, Redgrave had done a great job as a governor and her people had been living peacefully – until that incident happened.

A few months ago, an old automata started to go wild, not obeying the orders. It died out eventually. Ever since then, more automata went into rampage. At first the Command and Control Department thought those were independent, sporadic cases of programming error and hackers’ attack. But then, the first large-scaled riot from automata erupted – they refused to obey their owners and attacked them.

This kind of riots appeared increasingly frequent. The Command and Control Department could suppress them, but they never could find out the root of the problem.


Redgrave was taking a short break after an emergency meeting on the automata riots. She thereupon received a video call from Melchior. He looked extremely old to the point that Redgrave couldn’t believe they were of the same age.

This was their first time talking directly in 20 years.

“Where is Mia?” Melchior asked straightly.

“What’s with that automata? She is now under the Command and Control Department’s control.” replied Redgrave. Ever since the death of Greibach, Mia’s functions had been stopped, her AI brain frozen and sealed with multiple security measures.

“Go check her current state. She is involved to the current riots as in 20 years ago.”

Redgrave gave a hint to Marinella. She left the room to inspect Mia.

“In what way does Mia get involved?” Redgrave questioned.

“There was something about Greibach that I didn’t tell you 20 years ago – his ultimate goal, his ambition.” Melchior replied after a pause. “Greibach wanted to create automata with their own creativity. And he succeed – he created Mia and Walken.”

“I know. And his automata killed him because their self-cognition have awakened.”

“That’s not the full story. Greibach took his own life lightly. He had built a mechanics in his creations, giving them the ability to create, adapt, evolve, and finally – imagine. If automata reach the point when they have real imagination, they will surpass the human race.”

“But – Mia has been frozen; Walken has been destroyed.”

“No, Mia is still alive, or better, still in activation,”


Marinella’s video call interrupted their conversation, “Mia is now sealed in the Command and Control Department’s underground freezer.”

“Connect the image to Melchior’s side.” Redgrave commanded. The beautiful creation of Greibach was sealed and resined. Her eyes were closed as if she was just sleeping.

All in a sudden, Mia, with her AI brain supposedly frozen, opened her eyes. “It’s now the time. We’ll break free from the chains of human and seize freedom,” she hummed with a lovely voice. “Soon. All the pains will be healed, all the distortion be righted – by the hands of the real Creator.”

Just after Mia ended her speech, her body started to burn. Her resin skin melted, revealing the metal frame inside her body. She now looked like a cursed skeleton. The basement of the Command and Control Department exploded the very next moment. More reports about riots were received.

Redgrave believed that the Automata had officially declared a war to the human race. She had no but only one choice. “We’re going to deactivate all the automata. Their energy sources have to be taken out and destroyed.” she instructed.

“All? Not only the civil ones?” Marinella questioned. It was rare for Marinella to question her boss. “How could we explain to the other departments?” Automata had been the foundation of the society for ages. It would be beyond imagination if all of them had to be deactivated and destroyed.

“Not need to explain to them – this is the Command and Control Department’s right to make such a decision.”

“I have an idea to fight back, Redgrave.” suggested Melchior. “In such a case, we cannot rely on video call. Can we meet in person?”


Melchior called into Redgrave’s office with a voice-only message. “I’m getting close. Can you come here alone?”

“Can’t we just meet here?”

Melchior insisted that they cannot meet in her office, and she had to come alone.

Redgrave explained to Marinella and left her office. As she reached the entrance of the Command and Control Department, she found Melchior getting off from a car. the car was not from the Command and Control Department; the driver was unrecognized by her.

“Great to see you here. Let’s talk in the car,” Melchior suggested as he got on the car.



Appendix: the small paragraph I intentionally missed out in Redgarve’s R1 story.


It had now been 70 years since Redgrave took in her job as a Governor. She was lying on operating table with her eyes closed, expecting the final journey in her life.

“Are you really going? Please…” A white-robed man begged.

“Don’t be emotional. In order to save the future, someone got to do it.”

“Fine then… Bon voyage.” Replied the man as he left. The medical team members entered the room to perform the surgery.