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Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Note: The original text used the first person pronoun “I”, so I’ll do so for Browning’s spoilers.

Browning R3: Year 2837 – Surveillance


The main highway is noticeably less crowed then the day before. The reporter in the broadcast claims that the situation is under Authority’s control, but obviously that is not the case.

The street is filled with tension. A protester, holding a big sign, is shouting aloud, “It’s time for apocalypse! The world is gonna be destroyed! By the hands of our own robots!” He is then quickly taken away by three cops.

And I finally arrive the antique store so that I can borrow the film player there. The film keeps going and the image projected is me.

The younger me, with one hand being held by my mom, was walking. Then I took away my mom’s hand and crouched, as if I found something on the floor – the camera zoomed in and yes, it was a grasshopper. Mom told me to put that away.

“Ha ha, how timid you are,” My dad, who was behind the camera, said.

The I threw away that grasshopper and that’s it. The film goes black. It’s merely a family video.

Judging from my age in the film, it should be taken slightly earlier before the death of my father. Why was he leaving this? And why he left it to me? I can’t help but thinking.


[*Note: the following in written in Browning’s father’s perspective]


“Mr. Browning, here is the image of those Automata from the Analytics Department!”

I downloaded the images of the youngsters with my terminal. These two Automatas – Mia and Walken – were very different from the common ones in the market. They looked handsome and beautiful with their authentic faces.

“What a masterpiece! Certainly they’re the last works from Greibach the genius!” The analyticist on the other side exclaimed.


I had been surveilling Melchior for 2 weeks with my colleague Feynman, but it’s more like torturing us with an old man’s consistent murmuring. We were doing this 24/7 in a van outside Melchior’s house. To make it worse, our boss, Renton, made us to record everything Melchior had said. We suspected that Renton made us to do all these because he had been pressurized by Redgrave, the Head Governor. We had been so busy that I didn’t even have time to develop the film rolls in my bag.

Suddenly I noticed something odd in the video from the surveillance camera, and we confirmed that the video was fake – Melchior was not in his lab, he hacked in our surveillance camera. As we didn’t find him leaving his house from the satellite image, we decided to break into his house.

We checked every room found on the floor plan but Melchior was found nowhere. We then found a hidden door – just before we were going to break in by force, Melchior himself opened that door and walked out. It appeared to be an elevator to his hidden basement.

Melchior claimed that he had been working in the hidden basement because his works involved illegal means –  he wanted to retrieve Mia and Walken, for they had killed Greibach and stolen Melchior’s research result.

We agreed to help Melchior. We should retrieve Mia and Walken as soon as possible. I had a feeling that we had been involved into a world-changing event.