Let’s ignore the fact that the International server is closing today and continue on Browning’s story.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Note: The original text used the first person pronoun “I”, so I’ll do so for Browning’s spoilers.

Browning R2: Year 2837 – Film Roll


The one knocking my door was my stepfather, Mark. He is exhausted from the cases assigned to him, and asked me if I have any idea about his cases.

Mark asks me if I know how my father died. I do know that it was somehow related to the suicide case of an artist, but all the information I’ve gathered are superficial. Mark tells me that the suicide case was deeply related to his current cases, emphasizing the importance to contact him when I remember something.

He indeed is exhausted, for being unable to spot my lie when I tell him I know nothing.

Now it’s clear that the film rolls come from my father – we used to take photos and viewed them on film slides, which was an uncommon hobby.

I leave my office after taking some notes and go back to my home.


I wake up at 8 am on the next day, switch on the information device and let go the news report.

The reporter is in panic, “It’s a riot from the Automata! In the 12th floor! The laboring Automata started to destroy the streets! Armed repressive force has been assigned to counter their attack –”

“We apologize for interrupting the report,” Another reporter takes place, “but the live have to be stopped for safety reasons. This’s not an invasion to the Freedom of Press. The Authority will have a press conference at 11 am.”

I have works to be done and have no time waiting for news update. Therefore I take a shower and leave my room with my briefcase.