Yea….. I was having a long holiday. I’ll start with Browning’s story with my first post of the year.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

Note: The original text used the first person pronoun “I”, so I’ll do so for Browning’s spoilers.

Browning R1: Year 2837 – Briefcase


My name is David Browning. I’m a detective and run an office at the 10th Floor of Rosenberg*, but there isn’t really much work to do. The city is stable and prosperous, and the people are passing their works to their Automata happily (the man-to-Automata ration is slightly above 1:1.2). The life in this era has been peaceful yet boring.

I’m waiting for my client in a cafe, but he is late, so I’m reading a novel. Suddenly the Police comes and announce that an armed robber has escaped. I don’t want to get into this so I leave the cafe.

Just when I am above to get into my car in the car park, I find a yellow-haired teenage** sitting next to my car. He recognizes me and give me a briefcase,  telling me to deliver it to “the Circus“, and run away. Moments later he is found and killed by the Police. There’s nothing I can do so I drive away.


I go back to my office and start to think, should I attempt to open the briefcase? If I want to avoid all the trouble, I can just hand in the briefcase to Mark, my stepfather. My dad was an investigator. He was deeply depressed because of a minor mistake he made in one of his cases. He finally killed himself because of this, and my mom married Mark, one of his investigator colleagues.

I finally make my decision to open the briefcase. Life has been so boring and I want to make a difference, and this is now my chance.

It has been locked with a number lock, but I have no idea what the password is. So I have no choice but to relay on the trial-and-error method.

After working on it for an hour, I finally manage to open the briefcase with the password “577”. Inside the briefcase there are two film rolls with a winder. They are viewed as relics in my age.

The door is knocked just before I am going to take a closer look to the film rolls.



*: Rosenberg was a city with many floors, housed by people with different social rankings. Those who are higher-ranked lived in higher floors.

**: It is suspected that the boy was Blau.